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The Matrix Resurrections [SPOILERS]


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On 1/1/2022 at 2:51 PM, briantw said:

I thought the terrible cover of "Wake Up" that closed this movie was a pretty solid summation of the film as a whole.  It was bad, it shouldn't have been made, and it's a shadow of the original.

totally agree with this.  But I did like the post credit scene about more cat videos.  It just added to the wtf aspect of why did I spent 2 and half hours watching this.

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Finally got around to watching it and I enjoyed it more than I expected. Was expecting somewhat of a "Last Jedi" experience where it pisses all over the originals, but I thought this actually had good world-building and advanced the characters in believable ways.

It fell apart for me near the end, but from the beginning to about the last twenty minutes or so I was thoroughly immersed.

Jessica Henwick was great and probably stole the show for me.

Watching Neo slowly regain awareness was great, and seeing how things had gone in the real world was very interesting; I actually found the real-world storyline a lot more interesting than what was going on in the Matrix.

Personally, I prefer to see The Matrix as a standalone film, because I didn't like the sequels, or at least I really didn't like Reloaded, I did find some things to like about Revolutions. But as a continuation of the 2nd and 3rd film, I thought this was decent.

I'd like to see more of this world but I don't know where they'd go with it; it seems impossible to free all humans from the Matrix, or to defeat the machines, so this is probably the best victory humanity can hope for. I'm glad they at least gave Neo and Trinity a happier ending.

I don't get why The Analyst didn't purge Agent Smith along with the Oracle though. Why would he allow such a threat to continue to exist within the matrix?


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