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German and Austrian politics: Twilight of the conservative parties

Luzifer's right hand

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I think

2 hours ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

Looks like vaxx mandate is coming next year (Februrary is atm teh current reporting). Let's see how Linder's clown posse will vote on this issue. 

Semi-related note. Anybody seen Arakan lately? I mean he was our main (or only) defender of Wagenknecht and even tried to open a thread based on her nonsense book about the Hipster or Lifestyle left. The petty part of me is kinda curious how he feels about that true left Icon now going off the rails wrt vaccines, too. I mean her latest gig apears to be I say it out loud and I am unvaxxed and proud - or stupid, I always get those two state of minds mixed up.

Last online on the 14th of October according to his profile. Might be taking a break. Might have been banned if he went of the rails(the posts would be deleted). Hopefully it is one of these reasons as we are in the middle of a pandemic and Bavaria is not doing that well right now. 

We might have elections soons. I'm not 100% that they will go through with the vaccine mandate now. 

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On 11/24/2021 at 1:50 PM, A Horse Named Stranger said:


  • Chancellor (d'uh) - Olaf Scholz

  • Head of chancellory - Wolfgang Schmidt

  • Homeland - Nancy Faeser

  • Defense - Christine Lambrecht

  • Ministry for construction and lease (new one) - Klara Geywitz

  • Work and Social - Hubertus Heil

  • Health - Karl Lauterbach

  • Economic cooperation (I assume that's the new name for foreign aid and development) - Svenja Schulze



  • Economics and Climate - Robert Habeck

  • Foreign Office - Annalena Baerbock

  • Family - Anne Spiegel

  • Farming - Cem Özdemir

  • Enviroment - Steffi Lemke


  • Finances - Christian Lindner

  • Justice - Marco Buschmann

  • Traffic (infrastructure/logistics) - Volker Wissing

  • Education and Research - Bettina Stark-Watzinger

We now know about all the ministries. 

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32 minutes ago, Luzifer's right hand said:

Apart from the guy in charge of finances ok people I guess from my limited understanding of German politics.

No Bavarian I heard which is a plus I guess.

Toni Hofreiter probably disagrees about it being a plus. I am still not over the fact, that Özdemir (yes, Cem fucking Bonus Miles Özdemir) is getting a cabinet post over the way more qualified Hofreiter.

Side note. Surprised Lauterbach got his Health Ministry afterall. Like I said, usually there're different regions wanting to be represented. Also Scholz promised that the cabinet would have at least 50% women in it. He failed on that note. Overall it's 8 women and 9 men (including Scholz) in the cabinet. The SPD ministries are equally distributed among the sexes. With the Greens have an odd number of ministries, so that's +1 for the women. The FDP was just not that much into equality. 3 men v. 1 woman, and she ofc got the least important one. 

Personally if I were an actual member of the Green party I would've voted down the coalition treaty as sufficient. 

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So Lauterbach gives a statement which says, that he considers fine for the unvaxxinated to be inevitable. I don't have a twitter account, and never will, but I really couldn't resist looking on twitter for that Bußgelder für impfverweigerer trending thing, and to look for some delicious anti-vax  tears. :drool:

More, more give me MORE! My washing machine is powered by your outrage, and my clothes shall be washed in your tears (and washing powder obviously). MORE!

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19 hours ago, Luzifer's right hand said:

So Merz succeeded.


So that's the insane rural community lost for the other parties. What to do now?

What is the demographic makeup of the CDU party members anyway? 

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3 hours ago, kiko said:

So that's the insane rural community lost for the other parties. What to do now?

What is the demographic makeup of the CDU party members anyway? 

I am genuinely unsure about that being true. The insane rural communites (depending on your definition of sanity) in the east is voting for the New Nazi Party. Why would the vote for the slightly more sane CDU? My gut feeling is, he wll be taking votes of the FDP. I won't shed a single tear, if they fall below 5% again. Nobody in their right mind will. Otherwise for whom is he gonna be appealing? He was a major cunt in the 1990s, and he hasn't changed much. If they find a time machine to take them back into the 1950s he could do alright I guess. Otherwise, best ignore him.

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  • 1 month later...

Ok, so we had some stuff happening.


The CDU have indeed voted Merz in. The new Nazi party has nominated some right winger from the CDU to stand against Steinmeier in the Presidential election. Giving Merz the chance to show his new centrist credentials and kick Otte out. 

Vaxx mandate :rolleyes: may or may not come eventually. Olaf who wants leadership, will get leadership Scholz is not pushing for it, because apparently nobody ordered leadership. It's pathetic.

Kubicki continues to be a proper bell. While Wissing was sending some signals towards the end of combustion engines, and realizing the future might be electric cars. 

The Greens are in legal hot waters over some party finance shenanigans (no, not donation, but rather bonus payment they granted themselves. But Habeck in his function as Minister for the Economy at least ask publicly the question of the logic behind ever more economic growth and its enviromental costs. Progress kinda.

I think that's about it.

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Well "Durchseuchung" is our governments de facto approach now. I really hope it works out...

It is irrelevant what the goverment does anyway as our police refuses to do more than the absolute minimum when it comes to covid measures and their union has already made clear that they have not interest in enforceing the vaccine mandate. The empty words of the goverment notwithstanding our police has been more or less supporting the anti-measure side since the first big protests. The vaccine mandate is a stillbirth anyway with no enforcement until March and now systematic enforcement afterwards. The police are supposed to check when they interact with people for other reasons. :bang:

The anti-vaxxers have de facto won I believe.  When I think about the lack of proper enforcement that have won 1 1/2 years ago. :(

In a way I'm glad that this country revealed its true nature at this point. I guess it was always there but I preferred to ignore it.

Preparations for the climate crisis will fail completely here too I believe. The anti-science culture and "Wurschtigkeit" are just too strong. 

I have tentative plans to leave the country now.  In the meantime I have decided to join the "great resignation"(I saved a bit of money and can afford it for a while).

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So Meuthen left the new Nazi party, because they are a Nazi party. But Erika (eine chance für Faschisten) Steinbach now officially joined their ranks - I honestly thought she did so a few years ago.

Gas Gerd continues to make an ass out of himself as Putin's lap dog.

Oh yeah, we also apparently changed course on the pandemic and decided to say, fuck it, I give up, have fun you little virus.

Oh yeah, we are not sending arms to conflict zones - outside the Middle-East and Africa, obviously. So we've decided to send the Ukraine some thousand helmets. You couldn't make this shit up.

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30 minutes ago, Loge said:

Gerhard Schröder was German chancellor before Merkel (1998-2005). He was the leader of the Social Democrats, the party of the current chancellor, Olaf Scholz. He is also on the board of Gazprom, and a big buddy of Vladimir Putin.

Ahhhhh… is he offering Apologia for Putin’s actions?

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