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Videogames: Spooktober Season


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First up: Thanks a lot for all the Rimworld tips!

Yeah, since the tutorial fixed my starting buildings and zoning I'm in a bit of an awkward place when it comes to fertility and defense. For the letter I started setting up long stone walls around my camp. Those will also contain two fertile soil patches which in spring I will turn into indoor farms. Right now my first winter started and even though it's probably unnecessary because I turned all my leather and cloth into warm clothes, I'm trying to stay as close to my living quarters as possible. There is already enough to do as it is. Half the rooms still need flooring, which I put off as long because it takes such an insane amount of time to make so many sandstone bricks and then lay them. I'm also thinking about creating double walls for insulation because it's insane how difficult it is to keep the heat up even in fall. It also isn't helping that my colonists complained about "sleeping in the cold" because the temperature dropped to 17°C. Come on, that's not cold! This caused me to set up a heater in every living quarter, which in turn caused a power outage during the night just before I wrote this. Seems I underestimated the energy consumption and need another solar panel and maybe another battery. I've also started a double outer wall layer made of granite for better insulation. While I'm at that I may also tear down some of the existing walls to replace steel and wood with stone, since I have that in abundance, it's less flammable (squints at my explodey power lines...) and I must admit I'm running out of steel and would like to get some back without going out to mine.

Luckily my freezer has been unaffected because I'm running my heating system on a separate power grid while leaving the wind turbine only connected to the freezer. Amusingly, I figured out why the turbine was so bad: There was a small piece of roof just in front of it. After I tore that down it worked perfectly without anymore outages. At the same time I should note that my colony got a lot larger. There was a wild man roaming around whom I tried to tame for a few days until one colonist dropped a meal at the entrance and suddenly he was there munching it down, then stuck around my rice field, harvesting the some plants to eat the raw while whining about starvation and food poisoning. The next day taming succeeded and... well, he has terrific stats, but he's also mostly a doctor, my third one now. XD At the same time I tamed a male boar and now have already two piglets roaming around. I'm not sure whether they can feed themselves during winter, so I planted some hay in front of my power turbine, but I underestimated how much plant growth slows down in fall and the plants died before I could harvest them. We'll see whether they will be a strain on my food stock and whether I have to slaughter them...

Maybe, just maybe, if the winter drags on and I run out of things to do, I may already play around with constructing an outer shed with an indoor farm. Can't hurt to experiment a bit if I have time to spare.

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