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How come Lyanna Stark wasn't betrothed to Elbert Arryn?


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I was wondering what are the theories of Lyanna not being betrothed to Elbert Arryn?

I mean, i understand that the Starks already had a relationship with House Arryn, due to Ned being fostered there, but a marriage would have been a more serious alliance. And by marrying Lyanna to Elbert, the North, Riverlands and Vale, would be been connected by marriage to one another and it also makes sense, as these three regions are easily connected to one another, by the Riverlands, which shares borders with both regions; which would have made trade and military assistance, much easier. As opposed to a marriage alliance between the North and Stormlands, which where separated from the Riverlands, by the Crownlands and the Reach.

Plus, House Arryn is far older than House Baratheon and they were kings of the Vale, before the conquest. The major advantage that Robert had, was that he was second cousin to Rhaegar and that House Baratheon was tied by blood to House Targaryen.

In the books, we don't really know anything about Elbert. We don't know if he was betrothed or married.


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who knows?

maybe Robert was faster than Aryn in his proposal

maybe Elbert had other plans maybe even Cersei since Jaimie was to be with Lysa making North, Vale, Stormsland, Riverlands and Westerlands connected

maybe Rickard Stark wanted to be relative to the royal family

maybe all the above:)

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