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List of Languages that Fire & Blood, World of Ice & Fire, and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms have been translated into

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A couple of months ago  I realized that the wiki article listing Languages in which the A Song of Ice & Fire novels have officially been translated into hadn't been updated in nearly a decade, so I spent some time tracking that down. We haven't even started a list of languages for the prequel materials: World of Ice & Fire, Fire & Blood (collecting the Targaryen prequel novellas by Archmaester Gyldayn), and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (collecting the three current Dunk & Egg prequel novellas).


So I thought the best way to try to figure this out was to crowdsource it: what official translations do you know of for these books? Including the name of the official translator (so we can look up publication details). Links to Amazon pages for alternate language editions are appreciated.

Also, individual translations of standalone prequel novellas would also be nice to know if they exist: for example, if the first Dunk & Egg prequel novella got translated into your language but not the next two, OR, if all three Dunk & Egg novellas got translations over time, but they haven't been gathered into one hardcover collection yet; or if the first Dance of the Dragons novella from 2013 ("The Princess and the Queen") got an official translation but Fire & Blood did not.


  • Die Länder von Eis und Feuer (The World of Ice & Fire) 
  • Feuer und Blut (Fire & Blood)


  • Vuur & Bloed (Fire & Blood)


  • El Mundo de Hielo y Fuego (The World of Ice & Fire)
  • Fuego y Sangre (Fire & Blood)
  • El Caballero de los Siete Reinos (A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms)

Portuguese: (need the editors & publishing details for both the Portugal and Brazil versions)

  • O Mundo de A Guerra dos Tronos (The World of Ice & Fire)
  • Histórias dos Sete Reinos (A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms?)


  • Feu et Sang (Fire & Blood)
  • Game of Thrones - Le Trône de Fer, les origines de la saga (The World of Ice & Fire)


  • Il mondo del ghiaccio e del fuoco (The World of Ice & Fire)
  • Fuoco e Sangue (Fire & Blood)


  • Lumea De Gheata Si Foc (The World of Ice & Fire)
  • Cavalerul Celor Sapte Regate (A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms)


  • Ogien i krew Czesc (Fire & Blood)


  • Мир Льда и Пламени (The World of Ice & Fire)
  • Plamja i krov' (Fire & Blood)


  • Φωτιά και αίμα (Fire & Blood)


  • Ates ve Kan (Fire & Blood)

Chinese (Simplified):

  • The World of Ice & Fire
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