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On 5/31/2022 at 1:28 PM, Spockydog said:

State of this idiot. Those tubes are pumping pure stupidity directly into his pea brain.



So what I learned from that video is that Americans disguise the number of gun deaths by splitting the category ‘firearms’ into 3 (or was it 4) parts.

Just total them you idiots, and do a further breakdown under the total.

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Colombia discovers two shipwrecks off Cartegena, releases new images of sunken treasure -- Plus video!

17 billion dollars worth in today's money, just for the ship that went down 300 years ago.  What knocks me out is those Chinese porcelain cups -- not even chipped, much less broken -- probably brought from China via the Philippines.  Everybody demands that at least a big piece of this pie of wrecked ships belongs to ME.

"“Every wreck is like a little Pompeii — it’s a snapshot of society at one specific time ...”



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16 minutes ago, JGP said:

This one runs the gamut. 




Heh, when you said runs the gamut I was almost expecting to start off all cute and adorable and end with the horror of the photographer being torn apart by the pride of kittens coming out of the grass like velociraptors.

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They might not be abandoned, just be feral cats.  My family's cats growing up were kittens found at at a job my dad was was working at and I've worked at a couple of job sites myself where stray cats have had litters, and to keep the tradition alive, I even adopted one of the kittens from one site.    

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3 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Feral cats would have avoided that man. The only reason they flocked to him was because they had some experience with humans.

That's right.  They have been socialized to humans and someone has been feeding them or they wouldn't run out like that.

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This too, until recently, was declared a mission impossible, discovering where and when the 14th century's Great Mortality first emerged.

Where Did the Black Death Begin? DNA Detectives Find a Key Clue.
By fishing shards of bacterial DNA from the teeth of bodies in a cemetery, researchers found the starting point for the plague that devastated Eurasia, they say




Where and when did the Black Death originate? The question has been asked for centuries and led to heated debate among historians.

Now, a group of researchers reports that it has found the answer in the pulp of teeth from people buried in the 14th century.

Based on their analysis of the preserved genetic material, the researchers report that the Black Death arrived in 1338 or 1339 near Issyk-Kul, a lake in a mountainous area just west of China in what is now Kyrgyzstan. The plague first infected people in a small, nearby settlement of traders eight years before it devastated Eurasia, killing 60 percent of its victims. ....



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