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If Sansa hadn't been initially betrothed to Joffrey, to whom Ned may have agreed to betrothe her ?

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On 11/23/2021 at 4:16 PM, HoodedCrow said:

Wyman Manderlay had two sons ( or grandsons?) killed so, they were possible if they were unmarried and it was before the civil wars.

Wyman's unmarried son was way too old for Sansa. Or at least I think that he was considering how his nieces are older than Sansa.

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4 hours ago, Kinola said:

Sweetrobin is too young for Sansa, not to mention he's her first cousin. A Royce would be a better match; Starks and Royces have been unified with a marriage or two over the years.

his age would be an issue but being a first cousin wouldn't be an issue. in Westeros incest is only between siblings and uncle/aunts with niece/nephews ... cousins are ok.

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