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A kings guard vs his Oath. Brienne, Jamie, Dunk, and Summerhall.


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History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.

So what happened at Summerhall? Has Martin already told us? By the first 3 books, Martin has said most everything to figure out the novels were there. 


We have Dany hatching Dragons with a "Life for a Life". With her first egg moving, shortly after the death of her brother. Given to the flames with molten gold. Then later, with Drogo, and her son being given to the pyre. Each person being honored by a dragon being named for them. 

What was Aegon missing?

Why didn't putting it in his cradle work?

Did the bloodline go extinct? Did it require the blood of House Dayne to hatch a dragon? Daenerys, Dayne Heiress? We can't say for sure why they stopped being able to hatch dragons, but we can say that birthing them and hatching once already birthed and bound to your blood, are different.  "Blood of my blood" As Daenerys shows us how to hatch and bind dragons. 

Aegon at Summerhall seems to have been missing a blood sacrifice. Or was he? Rhaegar had just been born and he mourns for Summerhall even though none of his immediate family died their. Rhaegar, who Aegon and Aemon believed to be the Prophesied Prince who would bring back dragons.

What if he is sad because his life, meant no return of dragons. He was meant to die their for his family, and he knows it. Till something eventually makes him think they were wrong, and that his son was the one.

What if, Dunk saved Rhaegar from Aegon. Hailed a hero and a Knight. Neither of which are true. Dunk was not a Knight, and Dunk had killed his King. 


Lets consider a fellow King Slayer


A Storm of Swords - Jaime V

"Ned Stark was racing south with Robert's van, but my father's forces reached the city first. Pycelle convinced the king that his Warden of the West had come to defend him, so he opened the gates. The one time he should have heeded Varys, and he ignored him. My father had held back from the war, brooding on all the wrongs Aerys had done him and determined that House Lannister should be on the winning side. The Trident decided him.
"It fell to me to hold the Red Keep, but I knew we were lost. I sent to Aerys asking his leave to make terms. My man came back with a royal command. 'Bring me your father's head, if you are no traitor.' Aerys would have no yielding. Lord Rossart was with him, my messenger said. I knew what that meant.
"When I came on Rossart, he was dressed as a common man-at-arms, hurrying to a postern gate. I slew him first. Then I slew Aerys, before he could find someone else to carry his message to the pyromancers. Days later, I hunted down the others and slew them as well. Belis offered me gold, and Garigus wept for mercy. Well, a sword's more merciful than fire, but I don't think Garigus much appreciated the kindness I showed him."
Jamie kills his king to save the people, but is condemned. When do we find this out about Jamie? When talking to Brienne. The descendant of Dunk the Lunk, only man brave enough to talk back to Aegon or smack him. 

A Clash of Kings - Catelyn IV

"Cold," said Renly in a small puzzled voice, a heartbeat before the steel of his gorget parted like cheesecloth beneath the shadow of a blade that was not there. He had time to make a small thick gasp before the blood came gushing out of his throat.
"Your Gr—no!" cried Brienne the Blue when she saw that evil flow, sounding as scared as any little girl. The king stumbled into her arms, a sheet of blood creeping down the front of his armor, a dark red tide that drowned his green and gold. More candles guttered out. Renly tried to speak, but he was choking on his own blood. His legs collapsed, and only Brienne's strength held him up. She threw back her head and screamed, wordless in her anguish.
The shadow. Something dark and evil had happened here, she knew, something that she could not begin to understand. Renly never cast that shadow. Death came in that door and blew the life out of him as swift as the wind snuffed out his candles.
    Only a few instants passed before Robar Royce and Emmon Cuy came bursting in, though it felt like half the night. A pair of men-at-arms crowded in behind with torches. When they saw Renly in Brienne's arms, and her drenched with the king's blood, Ser Robar gave a cry of horror. "Wicked woman!" screamed Ser Emmon, he of the sunflowered steel. "Away from him, you vile creature!"
Brienne, who is blamed for killing her King. Who can sympathize with Jamie, both being besmirched of their honor. 
Could Dunk be the opposite to them? And our view into the answers of Summerhall? Would Dunk allow Aegon to sacrifice Rhaegar? Would Brienne or Jamie allow it to happen?
Maesters tend to use poison, and don't like Wild fire. So I find it hard to believe it was the Maesters. 
Could the Wild fire simply have gotten out of hand and Dunk managed to save everybody buttttt the one person he is actually tasked with saving? Sure. Would his peers hail him as a hero for failing his king though? Not likely, given its literally his only job. 
Or did Aegon figure out how to hatch dragons, and Dunk corrected Egg once last time?
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Derped Summerhall for Harrenhall.
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