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Targaryen Fathers evaluations: Best & Worst


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50 minutes ago, Odej said:

All this is very correct. My point is, in a dangerous situation a little girl like Rhaenys and even a adult would be looking for someone or some place where she remembers fell safe and no for a place or a person that someone told her it's safe, but she had never felt that way about it. In situations like that our emotions determine our behavior more than reason.


This is definitely more likely, but since the coments before was about Rhaenys/Rhaegar and why she hided under her father's bed that's my opinion.

Another reason I think Rhaenys's decision to hide under her father's bed was random is because even if Rhaegar was an attentive father to her, I highly doubt he would've interacted with her much in his rooms. It would've been in the nursery or in the rooms where the children played. And I'm not sure how close Rhaegar and Elia's rooms would be in the keep, but I'm assuming pretty close. It is likely she ran in the general direction of her parent's rooms and hid under Rhaegar's bed because it was largest piece of furniture there.

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Daemon is the most interesting case, because he’s 4/4 for great kids (7/7 if you count stepsons) but we don’t know how active of a role he played in raising them. 

Maybe Aenys? Marrying Aegon to Rhaena turned out to be a disaster politically, but neither of them contested the marriage.

Prince Aemon only had one kid, but she was a BAMF, and it sounds like he planned on having her inherit the throne. 

It sounds like Aegon V had the same problem as Viserys I, where he was loving but too permissive.

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