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NFL 2021: Full Speed, Eyes Closed, Can't Lose


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Wtf happened? I literally walked away for five minutes to take a call and somehow the Bucs scored and are in scoring position again. Dafuq?

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21 hours ago, Whiskeyjack said:

Went super heavy on the Bengals in my playoff league - have Burrow, Chase, Boyd, Uzomah, McPherson all on my team.

Been an intense couple of weeks.  They aren't making it easy.

Feel like the rollercoaster officially makes me the 3rd biggest Bengals fan on the board (after Mexal and Nictarion).

My other stack on this team was built around Stafford + the Rams.

Me watching that 4th quarter --> :stunned:

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1 hour ago, KingintheNorth4 said:

Lions fans watching Matt Stafford win playoff games.


Every Lions fan I know is pulling for Stafford this year, the same as when Verlander went to Houston.

Anywho, dayummm three straight walkoff FG wins these playoffs, you wouldn't believe it in a movie script, it's crazy.

Love to see the Bills shut down Mahomes and make it 4 straight.

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