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R.I.P. Thread 2: A Celebration Of Lives Well Lived

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On 1/11/2023 at 10:32 PM, Myshkin said:

We lost Jeff Beck today. A genuine guitar god. If you want to have your face melted (or want to hear Rod Stewart as an honest-to-god rock star) go listen to Truth or Beck-Ola

been listening to blow by blow over and over for the last couple weeks.  fuck, man.  

pretty cool rundown of how unique of a guitar player he was:


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Raquel the definition of iconic.

Aged so gracefully, I cant count how many times I heard the comments of disbelief that she could maintain such beauty for decades.

She was the finest of fine wines, call it fountain of youth, age defying or whatever you may, she had a certain magnetism that was legendary and it spanned a generation.

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Barbara Bosson, who played Fay Furillo on Hill St Blues died. She was in plenty of other shows but I remember her as the ex wife of Ray on that show.

Not a good week for tv police/DA's

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Traute Lafrenz (or Lafrenz-Page if you want to pick her married name) has died at the ripe age of 103).

She was the last living member of the German resistance group "White Rose" around Sophie and Hans Scholl.


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