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R.I.P. Thread 2: A Celebration Of Lives Well Lived

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I was thinking about his scores for Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire.

Chariots of Fire was a substantial critical and commercial hit and won 3 oscars that year, including best picture. The Chariots of Fire score was probably one of the most recognizable of the 1980's; second only to Star Wars and, maybe, Superman. He won an academy award for that. But, aside from the score, Chariots of Fire has largely fallen down the memory hole.

On the other hand, Blade Runner failed at the box office, received very mixed reviews from critics and very little awards recognition. He never received an Oscar nomination for the score. But today (thanks to home video and subsequent restorations) the film is acknowledged as an important influential work of science fiction and the score is instantly recognizable and amazing. He was ahead of his time.

For me, there was a trend in the late '70's early '80's of synth scores in popular movies. Personally, I hated them. They always sounded thin and uninspiring to me. The exception is Blade Runner, which is brilliant. 

Best Score that year went to John Williams for ET. Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you what it sounds like.   

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Chariots of Fire was my favorite song for a while when I was a kid. I was obsessed with it and would play it over and over and over. I remember it was a particularly bad time in my life and I would sit in a chair and listen to Chariots of Fire for hours. I still get chills when I hear it.

RIP Vangelis.

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For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to see Ray Liotta in more things... 


Just wanted to mention because it was one of his more obscure roles on a sitcom that while very popular for a few years while it was on, has been widely forgotten.

Ray Liotta guest starred in a couple episodes of Just Shoot Me playing a version of himself. IMHO, those were some of the funniest episodes of the series, only the episodes with David Cross were funnier.


I also really liked him as a supporting character in the movie Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt.



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I can't think of a bad Ray Liotta performance. He was even the redeeming aspect of the movie where they are sent to the prison island called Absolom...I forget the title. Liotta is easily an all-time favorite.


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He played the part perfectly as obnoxious colleague to Clarice in one of the SofL movies, then Hannibal served him up that delectable sizzle of his own front lobal brain matter.

Great scene, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Liotta and (am told it was Julianne Moore) all together in that little kitchen, I'll never forget that scene.

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