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Round 2 Clues for guessing - Acrophilia game 1 for 2022


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Just now, a free shadow said:

what is wrong with my blood? :pirate: I have bags and bags of new blood, often of various types :ninja:

If you can train your magic bags to play acrophilia, they will be most welcome.

I am about to start round 1.

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Greeting, players

I am about to send you all a character.

Choose 1 of these letter sets to make your character clue. Please get your clue to me in five days.





Good luck!

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Hi all,

Sorry for the delays.

Round 1 Clues

1. Recurring friend(?). The latest episode: “Memory problems?”

2. Comely man shielding basic idiot exploring outback.

3. 'Cupbearers must settle breakages', insists empress' officer.

4. Covert man seeking betrothal in Essos overreaches.

5. Rued first, true, love’s end. Manipulated pathetically.


You have a week from the date of this post.

For our newby, a reminder that https://asearchoficeandfire.com/ is a useful tool, as is the wiki.

You can request a preliminary check of how you have done. I will tell you the number of characters you have correct, and whether your theme guess is correct (4 points) incorrect (0 points) or is somewhere in the ballpark (1 or 2 points).

In the case of this round, I can’t see how you could get the theme half right, though.

@Lilac & Gooseberries @a free shadow @Julia H. @Howlin' Howland @Fragile Bird


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Aha! You are getting to know me. There is always something. This time I looked and wondered what it would be this time and couldn't see anything. But I think that's when I decided to add an actual date in (unnecessary anyway), after 'proofreading'....

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1 hour ago, Julia H. said:

... and then the two of you would get the easiest characters in this game! :P

Not at all. I am infinitely accommodating and immune to insult.

Except when I am not.

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I decided to lend a helping hand.

#5 does not fit the theme in the literal way that the other clues do. Indeed I think it would be a waste of time trying to find the theme from this character. The good news is, if you work out the theme from the other characters, it can be verified by sticking the key word of the theme into a search of ice and fire.

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OK, more advice (check the post above if you have not seen it)

I have had some incorrect answers that strike me as plausible, so I am warning you that:

#1 is not Beric

#5 is not Victarion.

#5 is not Sansa. Although this is not a terribly plausible answer (was her love 'true'?) I am throwing it in with the others.

#5 is not Jorah


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