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Dance Steps

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I collect old and unusual books. One book I love is the Fred Astaire dance book. I’m more of a Gene Kelly guy but I couldn’t resist this book. 

The Fred Astaire dance studio method book comes with an illustrated foot guide to many different ballroom dances. Along with the instructions on the many dances are some histories and cinema references. What sold me on the purchase was the coupon cut-out of two free dance lessons at any Fred Astaire studio. :) 

The Illustrated foot guide is black and white. One pair of black feet for the lead (Male) and one pair white feet for the partner (female). Each printed foot may have a number or mark to insure correct sequence. Black step, White step, each movement between partners is the same, just the facing opposed. Two pair feet opposed and yet entwined as one dance.

The illustrations can appear as a foot war at times. Each step an attempt to stomp the other. It may look like many white covered feet were attempting to trample and tread their own shadows. But it is, one black, one white, one dance. Working together. 

All the best dances have a partner. Never no fun to dance alone. Could you imagine? One boot black, one boot white, what motley that would make. Best be a wall flower than dance a fool?

Grey as slate, and black as pool, as white is snow. But then again what do I know?

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