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Rest in peace, Lilith of Tarth


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Thank you @Ran for the info, as aggrieved as I am to hear it. 

@timmett My knitting is as terrible now as it was when I chaperoned you two young lovebirds all those years ago, but your eloquence is as delightful now as it was then, possible more so. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, but I am deeply grateful that you had as many years as you did together. Sending you an ocean of love.

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9 hours ago, timmett said:

Vale Lilith of Tarth, Knight of the Cheesesteak. Now your watch is ended.


I wish I knew Litith better.  That was an absolutely superlative tribute Timmett, if that's not redundant. (There can be only one...superlative).


...the screening metric was 'people who read 1600 page blood-soaked fantasy novels,' so there's that. 


The community here is a blessing.  So many people that I wouldn't be friends with without.  I started showing up at events too late to meet you guys in person but I don't care how long I keep my HBO subscription, I owe GRRM a debt that won't ever get repaid.

I feel for your loss.

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Very sad news.

Condolences to Timmett at this difficult time and I'll add my thanks for your heartfelt words.

I don't post very much and I didn't post very much back then, either, but I do remember Timmett and Lilith of Tarth and the memories are good ones.


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Thanks all for your kind words. Leila remembered every one of you -- she had a startling memory for people, because she genuinely cared about them. And we were both fond of this place, because it is where our love began. Here's a link to a photo she took three years ago at an NAU faculty retreat. Her hair was back tho bobbed and curly, as post-chemo hair tends to be.  She's wearing her Anthro hat and That.Smile.:):wub:

Just got her ashes back today. One more airplane ride, my love.

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That was fucking beautiful. 

Maybe my favourite thing about the board is how well everyone writes. I was always great at maths and terrible at english, I love how some of you put things down on paper. 

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So why do you go thru the trouble and pain of sorting every box and bag, item by item? Yesterday I pulled a ginormous, dust-covered woven basket off the top of the office bookcases & began unpacking. It was mostly 1999-2002 stuff. The usual Temple U teaching evaluations, handouts from when she co-taught 2nd grade in Philadelphia, threatening letters from the NYC parking authority:whip:, phone bills ... oh hey, the original sales contract and home inspection report for her Indiana house! Guess we keep those.

At the very bottom is a battered little photo album sent by her sister, from around Christmas 1999 (3.5 years before we met in person). Inside are many happy pictures, but especially this one of Leila holding her newborn nephew and reading a hardback Clash of Kings. Oh my sweet summer child ... the places that book will take you.:love:

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15 hours ago, timmett said:

So why do you go thru the trouble and pain of sorting every box and bag, item by item?

Because when you love someone you can never know enough about them.  Poetically, every footprint is precious.  Pragmatically, every parking ticket is precious. 

It brings out the sleuth in us--in that moment she was at least 80% of the way through Clash of Kings.  Was she reading about Arya's escape from Harrenhall?  Is Davos swimming for his life under Tyrion's chain? How does she juxtapose what she is reading in a fantasy with the reality of a newborn in her arms and someone pointing a camera at her?

You always want to know more when it is someone you love.

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