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Beric Dondarrion is the Hooded Man

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So, I know the lighting lord is supposed to be dead, but, he was also dead six other times, and it all fits, Cat (Lady SH) sent him to winterfell to get revenge on the Freys and Boltons, perhaps, also to help retrieve Arya (obviously to us, Jeyne Poole), and I also know that Thoros told Brienne that he died and all of that, but that could be all a cover for Beric to infiltrate into the northerh of frey host that went to the north (from the riverlands) and that way, started killing freys and boltons (like the hooded man is doing), I'm pretty sure that no one in the host at winterfell has ever seen dondarrion, for  most he will only be a one eye hedge knight, also, the hooded man doesn't like theon, and is always calling him a turncloack, that could also be the message from  Lady Stoneheart, your thoughts.

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Giving Beric the option to die for an eighth time would sort of ruin his numerical theme. Also, it kinda cheapens the sacrifice of his final death, where he revived Catelyn. It's not entirely unreasonable for the hooded man to be Beric, but it would run counter to what was done to his character already.

As for my response to the post above, well, see my signature. That was seven years ago.

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