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College Basketball 2022 and 2023: A Hoops Diary


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40 minutes ago, RedEyedGhost said:

Man, McDowell comes in cold and hits two FTs to seal it.  Impressive for a freshman.

Apparently hot chocolate flavored popcorn is of the devil.

You gotta pick your snack man.  You going salty?  Or going sweet?

You tried for the combo and flew too close to the sun.

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37 minutes ago, Ramsay B. said:

I needed a shower after watching that Purdue-Tennessee game. What a gross game. It seemed like there was a whistle every 10 seconds.

Nice win by Marquette. 

Tennessee:  They can't call every foul.

Refs:  Watch us.

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Lucky to be down only 7 at the half. Kansas just had way more defensive energy and Uconn looked pretty shook besides Newton. 

ETA: Sloppy 2nd half by both. Cam had a chance at the end but came up short. Oh well. 

I’ll be at MSG on Tuesday to see the game against UNC. Castle aiming to be back then and hopefully they rebound.

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