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College Basketball 2022 and 2023: A Hoops Diary


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7 hours ago, RedEyedGhost said:

Well they survived.  I think Laettner would still make for a worse day than two first round defeats.

That one was brutal.  I was 14.  But that team had overachieved to get to that point.  Last night was inexplicable.

The overtime with San Fran was great basketball though.  Just haymaker after haymaker.  While I’m legitimately excited to see the Racers have a chance at their first ever Sweet 16; I know I will be bitter and angst ridden watching St Peters shoot 40% from the field and a season average 60ish points. Because we all know that’s how this works.

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I've only been able to watch about 15 minutes worth of game time today in between patients, but I've already heard the phase "beautiful stroke" more times than a person should hear it in one lifetime.

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12 hours ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

15 of my Sweet 16 still kicking so I'm good so far.

Anyone telling you they have all 16 still needs to explain to me how they picked Kentucky to get upset like that, some crazy ish with that upset.

Um yeah, this is not ageing well.

Pretty sure my bracket has taken another hit already with the Baylor bounce.

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7 minutes ago, Ferrum Aeternum said:

Who had St Peter’s in the sweet 16? 

Purdue isn’t great.

They play zero defense… so if St Pete can play defense like this and they can score; then they have a shot at them.

They could make the E8.

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