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What will bring Daenerys to Westeros?


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More ships. And successful removal of slavery from Slaver's Bay and also a sufficient military force. She got more than these by Season 6. She not only defeated the Masters, but also ended up gaining more than enough Westerosi allies.

Not everybody stopped calling Robert the Usurper after his war ended in the deaths of the crown prince and the literal backstabbing of the king by his own Kingsguard, not to mention the brutal sacking of the capital and murder of Elia and her children just because they had a claim to the throne. Even if the war crimes are overlooked, the Seven Kingdoms were in a cycle of harmony under the Targaryens as the Great Houses stopped warring amongst themselves for minor glories. The Westerlands enriched the realm, the North guarded it, and the Reach and Riverlands fed it. Robert's ineffectiveness in governing the realm and the lack of justice for the slaughtering of children also made Robert seem an unworthy ruler, as the Lannisters earned the hatred of every Westerosi, especially the Martells of Dorne.

Many would have supported a Targaryen restoration for these causes. And despite the Targaryen madness breeding many unworthy rulers, Daenerys had proven herself worthy of being the Queen by her own right, as instead of immediately setting out for Westeros after acquiring enough soldiers, her first aim was removing slavery from Slaver's Bay and deposing the Good, Wise and Great Masters from power, allowing slavery to be removed and the renamed Bay of Dragons to thrive. She turned a sellsword company into a peacekeeping force. And after the unjust deaths of Oberyn Martell and Olenna's son and grandchildren, the Lannisters no longer had the prestige they once had after Tywin's death and their crimes were still notorious and unforgotten by the Seven Kingdoms as they still hated the Lannisters for their murdering of children and raping and murder of Elia just for having ties to Rhaegar and the false charges of Tyrion's guilt and Oberyn's death angered the Dornish as he was revered among his people. After Euron won the Kingsmoot and intended to assault the mainland with the ironborn, Theon and Yara Greyjoy stole the Iron Fleet's best ships and supported Daenerys against Euron in exchange for the Iron Islands' independence, seeing Euron as a dangerous man. With Varys' true loyalties to House Targaryen revealed, both the Tyrell army and House Martell's forces allied with Daenerys to exact vengeance against Cersei for the deaths of Loras, Margaery, Mace, Elia and Oberyn

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Likely nothing will bring Daenerys to Westeros.


Even if Victarion suddenly knows how to woo a woman, the news of a Lannister in her city surely will make for her to return. Could be that Victarion then abducts her, but certainly Drogon knows how to deal with a wooden castle on waves.


Tyrion made a crucial choice when he separated one Targaryen from another. That way Aegon and Daenerys serve like a (not really twin) study: one shows the possibility of a Targaryen restoration in Westeros and one tests control over an once absolute power under the various conditions of Essos.


In the end Tyrion possibly doubts that whatever Daenerys achieved in Essos could be transferred to Westeros.

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Our favorite leading lady and her three dragons will go to Westeros after the people beg for her help in stopping the wights.  Daenerys will bring the light back to Westeros.  It will be years before that happens though.  The Starks and their icey pals will dominate the north and parts of the south while darkness blocks the sun.  Bran will cover Westeros in darkness.  Daenerys will break that darkness to bring back the light and migrate people to repopulate the land. 

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On 4/17/2022 at 12:20 AM, Groo said:

I think a more promising possibility would be for Aegon to be struggling with his campaign when Daenerys finally hears about him. Obviously, she would wonder if he really is her nephew but now she’d have to consider the possibility that she actually has family, family that she could be helping. It would be natural for her to wonder if one of the dragons was meant for Aegon. She’d probably worry about what would happen if he succeeded without her. Would she be forced to fight against family for the throne? Targaryens marry kin. Should she marry him? The list goes on. It would be hard for Daenerys to sit back and ignore all this. It could pull her to Westeros. On a side note, I think Aegon not yet having the throne when Daenerys returns opens up more narrative possibilities than if he’s already crowned. 

You nailed it. 


"I told you, I know our little queen. Let her hear that her brother Rhaegar's murdered son is still alive, that this brave boy has raised the dragon standard of her forebears in Westeros once more, that he is fighting a desperate war to avenge his father and reclaim the Iron Throne for House Targaryen, hard-pressed on every side and she will fly to your side as fast as wind and water can carry her. You are the last of her line, and this Mother of Dragons, this Breaker of Chains, is above all a rescuer. The girl who drowned the slaver cities in blood rather than leave strangers to their chains can scarcely abandon her own brother's son in his hour of peril. And when she reaches Westeros, and meets you for the first time, you will meet as equals, man and woman, not queen and supplicant. How can she help but love you then, I ask you?"


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