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Ukraine 14 - Back to the Mud


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18 minutes ago, KalVsWade said:

And it still was a mistake! Better to have shitty nukes that you can threaten with than give them away to your nuke-armed neighbor who can invade you with no direct help coming. 

Even dirty bombs are better than nothing when dealing with the threat of reciprocity and deterrence.

Yup, but then what happens now seemed rather fantastic scenario and noone will ever know who could have bought some of the stuff. I mean some mistakes cannot be avoided.

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People don't look at effect and conclude "shit happens." 

They start at effect and reverse engineer until sufficient causes they can identify and understand line up enough to satisfy their curiosity. That is how conclusions are achieved from historical observance. And no strategist, politician, chief of staff, or dad at the dinner table wants to tell the people they answer to "shit happens man." 

Welcome to the 2nd age of nuclear armsmanship™. You'll pine for the days of the Kaiser and his High Seas Fleet. Hell, you'll pine for the days when there were only two serious players at the table and we called it MAD. 

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