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This isn't gibberish: houseroisefromtwehaskwaljelseajponbaeweaoi

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This isn't gibberish. I may have done some typos but this is what the runes on House Royce's coat of arms say. Anyone knows what does it mean?

First part is obviously "House Royce from" and perhaps "twe" could be "the" like "Roise" is Royce" but what about the rest?


Elder Futhark - Wikipedia for the runes.


House Royce - A Wiki of Ice and Fire (westeros.org) For House "Roise"s wikipedia page.

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The depiction there is a fan-made one and is not based on anything from GRRM. George has not even indicated what the runes of the First Men look like, really. He did approve our take back in the day, with the runes being created by a friend (RIP, Andy) who based it loosely on Thai script and Irish ogham, but there's no meaning to them there.

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On 4/26/2022 at 8:13 AM, Universal Sword Donor said:

He has also gone to lengths to conceal or not reveal house words and sigils where it would reveal something in the long term plot. 

Yeah, just imagine if the reader knew House Bolton's words were "Flay the Starks" in aGoT. :P

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