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Avatar 2: The Way of Water

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20 minutes ago, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

And is it churlish of me to mention that none of those reviews use the dreaded "D-word"?


It's not churlish. It's ridiculous. Language is for using.

21 minutes ago, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

See the difference? Think I'm being too harsh?


You asked for positive reviews that still made that criticism. I gave you positive reviews that still made that criticism. Now they're too positive? I sense goalposts being desperately shoved. 

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As far as i can tell, this entire derailment began with Deadlines being upset that one blockbuster movie from 15 years ago had reviews with different language than other reviews of another blockbuster 10 years ago. As a fan of the thread's original film, and also the other film that made a ton, can we just move along?

Avatar 2 continues to crush box office numbers when many people expected it to be a bust. Bear with me, it's late, but I work a very public job as a bartender where plenty of recent phenomena are discussed - from sports to celebrity gossip to the newest movies. No one ever talks about this film - and my restaurant is a half mile down the street from a gigantic iMAX cinema. I'm an unrepentant geek for 3d content and never expected this much profit from the film. Cinemas are in a very odd state where people will apparently only go to spend money on the grandest spectacle movies, and pretty much anything else is at best a 3 week flash in the pan. I cannot imagine a sustainable business, with all due respect to Coppola and Cameron and the other visioneers depressed to see the inevitable change to household streaming/VR/on-demand viewing of movies. 

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