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Four of the five galaxies in Stephan's Quintet form a physical association, a true galaxy group, Hickson Compact Group 92, and will likely merge with each other. Radio observations in the early 1970s revealed a mysterious filament of emission which lies in inter-galactic space between the galaxies in the group. This same region is also detected in the faint glow of ionized atoms seen in the visible part of the spectrum as a green arc.


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11 hours ago, LynnS said:

A couple of questions:

- What should we expect to see in the spectrum for WASP 96 b?  I'm assuming some clear absorption and emission lines rather than just noise.

- What are we looking at in the photos of SMACS 0723?  It looks like an outer ring of starforming galaxies and a lot of very distant galaxies far into the redshift.

So the current spectrum for WASP-96 b (see Fig 9 here) basically only goes out to about 1.6 microns, with two very rough data points from Spitzer beyond that. JWST covers all the way up to 5 microns (and even further with MIRI), so the spectrum will get filled in and help with model constraints. Plus better resolution too. Right now I believe we only have a measurement of Na from the data, but we should get a lot more with the better spectrum. And we know this atmosphere is cloud free from the previous data so we aren't going to be blocked out from seeing!

For SMACS 0723, yes it's the center of a galaxy cluster so there are lots of galaxies. All that mass from the galaxies (incl. dark matter) acts as a lens, which brings those very distant galaxies into view. So between JWST's light gathering and infrared capabilities + the magnification of the lens, we'll see some very faint and distant galaxies from that!

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Geezus!  I'm freaked out!  So, 5 pm ET today, we will see what the universe looked like 13 billion years ago!  I never imagined that I'd see anything like this in my lifetime.  I blame Star Trek the original series of course.

On Tuesday at 10:30 am ET; NASA will reveal the other images in a livestream event.



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7 hours ago, LynnS said:

Have you heard anything on the grapevine, Nora?  Any chatter you can disclose?

Nope! The relevant teams have been keeping their lips sealed, or I don't know the right people to ask. I don't mind, it's fun waiting with everyone else!

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