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Would a show on Aegon's Conquest be more interesting than a Dance of the Dragons show like House of the Dragon?

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We all know House of the Dragon is about how the Dance of the Dragons broke out and why, between Rhaenyra and Aegon for claiming the Iron Throne. But this was just a dispute within the regime. And it was significant because Targaryens and their dragons fought amongst themselves and all the dragons died in the end and the line-up of the Great Houses were shaken up again, like every previous Westerosi conflict. But wouldn't a show depicting Aegon's Conquest be more significant because that caused the greatest regime change? Kings became lords and wardens. And wouldn't those moments be more cooler? The Field of Fire, the largest Westerosi military host, Harrenhal at it's prime, Dragonstone, the Targaryen armies with actual Targaryen themed armor. The Burning of Harrenhal would also be cool. And we'll see some ancient Martells too and the environment of Dorne. And of course, the Conqueror and his sisters with their dragons Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes. And who wouldn't want to see Storm's End

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I agree that the conquest of Westeros is more significant. Probably less compelling television though. The Dance of the Dragons involved a complex (and really messed) family conflict. And is driven by the relationships between brother and sister. Father and Daughter. Brother and Brother. Not to mention cousins. Plus tons of intrigue. 

The Conquest was a superior fighting force (due to dragons) fighting a bunch of fighting smallish kingdoms. There was, at least during the conquest, not a ton of personal drama. At least not compared to what followed. More actual fighting during the conquest on battle fields, but less personal drama. 

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I think a Conquest show could be rather intriguing if the writers fleshed out all the characters involved and really took their time telling the story.

The key would be to make all the eight 'royal families' of Westeros interesting people with their own agendas and motivations. I'd start it quite some time before the Conquest, putting the focus on the ambitions of Harren the Black, Torrhen Stark, Argilac the Arrogant, etc.

Another aspect would be to give the common people a voice in all that, to really depict how shitty a place Westeros was before the dragons.

It could also be interesting to see how folks react to Aegon's attacks, how the royal families come to terms with the fact that they have found their master here, etc.

As an ensemble show something like that could be as big as ASoIaF. Although, of course, there is not going to be a big battle in the end, just a successful conquest.

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