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NBA Finals - The Problem with Steph Curry


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10 hours ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

I'm having an impossible time trying to imagine what the Lakers could offer the Nets to bring Kyrie to LA?

They would surely pass on Westbrook straight up, Westbrook and some FRP towards the end of the decade, is not much of a needle mover for me either.

Maybe with a 3rd team involved somethings possible, but as things stand I cannot fathom how the Nets could be interested in any of the Lakers trash/scubs.

Even with Kyrie being a nutjob, Brooklyn has to get something in return for an All Star level guard.


If they get the 2027 and 2029 pick out of it, thats not a bad deal for Kyrie on an expiring who is not gonan re-sign there if Durant is gone. And Nets only trade him after they have made a deal for Durant.

Thing is, the Lakers dont wanna do that. Its also whats apparently preventing them from making a deal with Indiana for Hield and Turner, which would definitely help the team right now, but they dont wanna give Indiana both picks and Westbrook ( who would be bought out by Indiana).

And the Nets dont wanna deal Kyrie at all unless Durant leaves, which they are very much still hoping to prevent ( which is why the Lakers are trying to deal with Indiana instead).

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