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Fragile Bird

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Old one has gone to 21 pages.

I need to see if I can find this on the internet but last weekend was bicycle naked weekend in Toronto and apparently a group of naked bicyclists passed a wedding photo-shoot. The bride and groom called them over and added pictures with them to their wedding photos.

Now there’s a wedding day memory!

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14 hours ago, Fragile Bird said:

Everyone in the world dresses better than most North Americans!

Reminds me of an interview with Robert Plant I heard years ago on the radio. Fashion came up and Plant said Americans always dress like they're going camping.

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41 minutes ago, Fragile Bird said:


I mean, is it really worse than this?:


ETA: I'm also very confident that 18 year old me would easily run down the hill and destroy these fools. Just turned 34 me only sees torn ligaments. 

Edited by Tywin et al.
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