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Mance's Cloak


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In my opinion, the truth is this - the silk really was from Asshai, but the rest of the story is bullsh*t.

I think that the grandmother, to whom that silk originally belonged, was Johanna Swann - the Black Swan of Lys, who, in my opinion, was kidnapped by the Triarchy's pyrates, when she was returning from her magic school, that she had attended at Asshai. She was sent to that school because in her family some women were born with skinchanging abilities. So originally she was a cat-skinchanger, and then she had learned at that school other forms of magic, such as fire-magic, blood-magic, shadowbinding, poisons, potions, etc.  

Then she was kidnapped by the pyrates and sold into slavery. For a few years she was a courtesan at the Perfumed Garden in Lys - a pleasure house (luxury brothel) owned by Lysandro Rogare. Then she somehow became either Lysandro's wife or his mistress or a concubine. The specifics in this case are irrelevant, the only thing that is important is that Johanna (in my opinion) was Larra Rogare's mother.

Years later, already after the birth of Larra and prince Viserys' three children (Aegon IV, Aemon and Naerys), Larra for some time returned to Lys. There she used blood-magic that stopped her aging. More years later she was brought back to Westeros under a new alias - Serenei of Lys, and became her own son's last mistress. She died while giving birth to her and Aegon's daughter - Shiera Seastar.

Same as her mother (Larra/Serenei) and maternal grandmother (Johanna Swann) Shiera is a cat-skinchanger, a shadowbinder, and a blood-mage (that's why she doesn't age - Aegon V said in The Sworn Sword novel that Lady Shiera was bathing in blood).

Then Shiera for many years went here and there and everywhere, and then she settled for a few years in the Lands of Always Winter beyond The Wall. That's after she lured her ex-lover - Bloodraven, into the cave of night, where she binded him with blood-magic and weirwood seed paste to a magical tree.

When Mance Raider was still in The Watch, happened that event. He was near a Shadow Tower attacked by a shadow-cat who was skinchanged by Shiera Seastar. Then his comrades brought him to the wisewoman, who turned out to be dead. And Shiera, who took over that woman's house, pretended that she is that woman's daughter, and then she treated Mance's wounds, and sewed his cloak with her grandmother's magical red silk from Asshai and thru it binded him with magic. Afterwards his personality got altered by magic and he deserted from the Night's Watch. Then he went beyond The Wall and unknowingly to him was for years executing Shiera's will - to gather all the Wildlings into a single tribe and to prepare them for the fight against the Others and the Unded Army.

Shiera is a sort of a prophet and an apostle, a guide. She is the shadowbinder Quaithe and the Three-Eyed Crow.

The End.

P.S. More detailed explanation on those topics you can read in the thread, link to which is in my signature.

5 hours ago, Jekse said:

Mance's cloak is made from silks from Asshai that were found on a ship wrecked on the Frozen Shore, why would any ship go up that far on the Western side of the North?

The story about the shipwreck was fake, the part that the silk was from Asshai and that it belonged to the healer's maternal grandmother was the truth. Though Mance himself didn't knew the truth. He was Shiera's puppet, same as he is now Melisandre's puppet.

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20 hours ago, Jekse said:

Mance's cloak is made from silks from Asshai that were found on a ship wrecked on the Frozen Shore, why would any ship go up that far on the Western side of the North?

Escaping pirates, or something. Running before a storm.

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