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Watched, Watched, Watching: It's not the plane, it's the pilot


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38 minutes ago, Isis said:

As I just finished this last night I can actually recall some of their names now. The Shelby/basketball chick love story in present time was just worse (less interesting, told us less about the characters etc) every single time they were on screen together. That's sad because Shelby had one of the more engaging back stories. Leah became so dull, performance-wise, in S2 that it became hard to watch. Anyway, big relief that it's over!


The entire girl island storyline became completely redundant in the second season. They had to keep jumping back to it to make sure we didn't forget they existed, but there was very little to really do except those bizarre, badly misjudged Ben Folds Five bits. 

Really they should have just done a season of the girls, then one of the boys.. then maybe a 1.5 hour episode to end the whole thing. Or just not do one with the boys.. or maybe just not make the show at all.

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1 hour ago, Spockydog said:

Watched Memento last night. Had the subtitles on, but barely had to glance at them. No audio issues at all.

Something bad must have happened to Christopher Nolan since he made that movie. 

WAIT WAIT WAIT... That's when Warner Bro's snapped him up. Now that he's left them for Universal...we can only hope but the teaser doesn't go much in the way of that.

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