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Which character do you understand on a personal level?

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I noticed that the empathy thread was closed, and I wanted to give an answer of my own.

My answers are Shireen Baratheon and Androw Farman. Something in my heart resonates deeply with their problems, and I feel like that could be me in their shoes on a constant basis.

To those who didn't have a chance to answer that thread before it got locked, feel free to do so here, provided that it doesn't get locked again.

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I'm the ugly duckling yet to become a swan. I'm surrounded by people about as intelligent as the Kettleblacks, with only books for company. Wine for him is music for me (i just turned legal so substituite), women to him is cinema for me. The Truffaut quote. I'm a freak too like the Imp, he a dwarf while I a head taller than anyone else and growing. But the average height here is low, I wouldn't be out of place among the Dutch. Also I'm morally grey/gray :devil:

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1 hour ago, SeanF said:

Thanks.  Although, at the age of 55, I ought to have matured!

Ooops, I pegged you for a 30ish gent, never mind. Quentyn was an asshole, albeit one I and am sure a lot could empathize with. No offie btw. I'm 18 and a different breed of asshole (on the wane), but asshole none/never?theless.

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