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House of the Dragon Trailer Gallery


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As promised, we’ve put together a gallery of over thirty images from across the brand new trailer, images selected because we’ve some relevant details about what’s shown, or just because we wanted to highlight something. You can see the slideshow of images below!


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I don't think that's accurate:


Note Rhaenyra serving as cupbearer, a role she began to hold after her father declared her his heir.

Rhaenyra is made her father's cupbearer at the age of eight (which would put this appointment in 105 AC) but apparently prior to her being named Heir Apparent:


At the center of the merriment, cherished and adored by all, was their only surviving child, Princess Rhaenyra, the little girl the court singers dubbed “the Realm’s Delight.” Though only six when her father came to the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra Targaryen was a precocious child, bright and bold and beautiful as only one of dragon’s blood can be beautiful. At seven, she became a dragonrider, taking to the sky on the young dragon she named Syrax, after a goddess of old Valyria. At eight, the princess was placed into service as a cupbearer…but for her own father, the king. At table, at tourney, and at court, King Viserys thereafter was seldom seen without his daughter by his side.

It seems fitting that the show has her serve in that role when the king's succession is discussed in 105 AC since she had that role even before she was formally named Heir Apparent.

In fact, it seems as if Otto and others started to consider Rhaenyra as a potential rival to Daemon because of the favors Viserys and Aemma showered on their only child.

If they stick to the material Viserys will refuse to make a choice between Daemon and Rhaenyra ... until the death of Aemma and Daemon's 'heir for a day' line.

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Thank you! There’s lots of details I couldn’t see just by watching the trailer at regular speed. 

Pic 1. Rhaenyra enters the throne room but it looks when I zoom in that Daemon (?) is already on the IT! He clearly assumes it will go to him and why shouldn’t he, no woman ever sat in it before.

Pic 3. So that’s Rhaenyra. I did wonder if any of the dragons in the trailer were Syrax.

Pic 5. About those little plates and the balls placed on them, I personally have no idea what they could be. Definitely noticed that all seem to be black/dark except the king’s. His when we see a close up of it in the trailer (he puts it on the plate) is white with maybe a black dot on it, I think.

Pic 7. Awesome dragon reminiscent spines on the horse which I didn’t catch before! All about Daemon’s get up screams Targaryen lol

Lots of other stuff you detected. Super cool.


In the pic where Rhaenyra is possibly choosing one knight between Several from different Houses with the table and little sigil sculptures: you can see Rhaenys at the top of Rhaenyra’s head to the left, a blur of blue (dress) with a blot of white (hair) so this may be part of the scene where The Queen Who Never Was tells Rhaenyra that a woman will never sit the IT.

Positively enjoyed the seahorse sigil on Corly’s helmet from the Stepstones battle.

I thought the man preparing to strike the death blow on the shore full off crabs was Daemon because we see him wielding that hatchet (or at least I thought it was) in a different scene, in the Iron Throne room. I guess he cannot be on the ground and at the same time riding Caraxes in the battle at Stepstones.

In the pic with Alicent launching herself at Rhaenyra with the dagger: I see (possibly) Daemon fighting with Ser Criston Cole (bottom right of the pic) while Ser Harrold Westerling seems to intervene and call them out to stop that shit! Lol those two…






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