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The doom of Ramsay Snow


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a thought came to me while rereading a storm of swords. i came by this passage at the end of Arya1


they thought they were hunting her, she knew with all the strange sharp certainty of dreams, but they were wrong. She was hunting them

we know from the old bear that "the things we love destroy us everytime". hunting was what King Robert loved and it killed him. and grrm seems to kill his characters while protecting people they love, or doing the things they love. like the way Eddard confessed committing treason before he died, because he was threatened with Sansa's life. we know that Ramsay Snow loves hunting, though his is a much uglier type. the sentence i quoted reminds me of Ramsay and his hunting. could his downfall be something close to this? while he thinks he is hunting another victim while in truth he is being hunted? by Arya, maybe through Nymeria? though i don't see how her pack could get so far north, or she herself. it is only this sentence that gives me such an idea. i wanted to see how you fellow asoiaf inthusiasts think about this somewhat theory. i've also heard theories where The Faceless Men give Arya the job of killing Cercei, which doesn't make sense imo because she knows Cercei and FM don't kill people they know. yet there is s1 in westeros who she doesn't know, whose victim is asumed to be heading to braavos in the winds by asoiaf fans. if the theory is that Arya can't leave the FM that easily and the most likely way she leaves them for westeros is getting a job to kill someone there (i heard that in YouTube), why not Ramsay? what if Jeyne Pool goes to braavos in winds and asks the FM to kill the monster she was forced to marry? and Arya doesn't know Ramsay, yet it's very unlikely they'd send an acolyte for something like that but it's at the very least more likely than Cercei. also Jeyne going to the FM is unlikely in the first place. anyways. again i'd like to hear what you guys think. 


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I wouldn't at all be surprised if Ramsay isn't killed by his dogs (probably the closest to things he loves), as in the show. Were this an ordinary story, I would predict that Theon or Jeyne would be the one to 'pull the trigger' but you never know with GRRM, and it could easily be someone like Roose or Mance.

I'd actually kind of love it if Fat Walda kills him in defence of her baby but I think that's unlikely

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