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A paragraph from acok


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Hello, I’m not a native English speaker and i can’t understand this sentence from the book.if you can help me please. thanks a lot.,

in the brackets is the problem.

“I was made to kneel at the royal feet beside grand measure pycelle and Varys the eunuch so that he might forgive us our crimes before he took us into his service.as for your Ned he should have kissed the hand that slew Avery’s,but he [[preferred to scorn the arse he found sitting on Robert throne]].I think Ned stark loved Robert …………”

it’s the talk between Jamie and cate in his cell at riverrun

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Scorn = dislike/have contempt for

Arse = ass.

When Ned entered the throne room at the end of Robert's Rebellion, he found Jaime seated on the iron throne, and has distrusted Jaime ever since.

Jaime feels that Ned should have thanked him for killing the king, given how brutal Aerys was toward Ned's family. But instead Ned judged him as a king slayer, an oath breaker, and a Lannister with his own ambitions to the throne.


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