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House of the Dragon finally updated the world map!

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From the video that came out today on "Noble Houses", it had a shot of an in-universe map prop that must appear at some point: 

I've posted multiple comparison screenshots in this Twitter thread: 


Game of Thrones came out in 2011 but the Lands of Ice & Fire world map was only released in 2012. Season 1 actually didn't have a world map (in fact, the simple fact that Season 1 had a map of the east coast of the Free Cities was novel at the time), but then in Season 2 they introduced the first world map....which was actually an EARLY draft GRRM gave them. It included several errors:

  • the northern edge of the Jade Sea was now drastically north of Qarth, making Yi Ti very small 
  • it made no attempt to depict the Summer Isles

Then Lands of Ice & Fire came out, putting the Jade Sea farther south (so that its northern coast is at the same latitude as Qarth), and depicting the Summer Isles. HOWEVER, Lands of Ice & Fire introduced an accidental error: when "Kingdom of Sarnor" got drawn over the middle, it erased the Sarne River's course...the source of the Sarne is not the Painted Mountains north of Valyria, but the large central lakes to the east (remnants of the ancient Silver Sea). But as chance should have it, we have the ORIGINAL version of the Sarne River's course from Martin's first draft map he gave to the TV show (thus on Wiki of Ice & Fire I already loaded up a fan-made corrected one with cities added to the TV show map of the Sarne).  

The new House of the Dragon world map prominently includes 3 fixes:

  • Yi Ti & the Jade Sea updated to their Lands of Ice and Fire positions, farther south
  • actually depicts the Summer Isles (well, the northernmost one, Walano - the others are father south off the edge of the map)
  • restores....or retains from first TV map? (shrug)....the proper course of the Sarne River

Finally we can get accurate world map merch from the TV show. Right now I'm staring at one of those three dimensional globe things that depicts the inaccurate 2012 map. 




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On 8/23/2022 at 8:37 AM, Thomaerys Velaryon said:

@The Dragon Demands Sorry to say but I don't think they have updated the map. The old map is used in the official guide on the HBO House of the Dragon website. Also Rosby is misplaced on that map, a bit too much in the west.

(long pause)

What we have here, is failure to communicate.

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