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8 hours ago, Ran said:

Which, as you have argued, has already happened in this era because she's the daughter of that joining. But then thisf means she means something else when she has to refer back to Old Valyria.

I really don't quite see why you're stuck on this point. Why is their changing the family tree so objectionable when they've changed a bunch of other details, great and small, for the show?

Well boiled down to brass tacks:

1. This is a show supervised by Martin so I'm hoping for much-much more fidelity in history while not caring about things like racial makeup.

2. They have already put out material that lists Alyssa Velayron so I would hate to not be able to trust side material.

3. The family tree element is very important for THIS SHOW IN PARTICULAR.

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On 8/29/2022 at 4:48 PM, Lord Varys said:

If you guys do talk to Condal in the near future: Ask him about cut scenes and what they intend to do with them. You yourself mentioned Criston's investiture into the KG being filmed, and there seem to be other scenes that were filmed and cut from the pilot and the first episode. It would be great to get those in some fashion, preferrably as extended cuts on Bluray, etc. but we would all likely also take them as deleted scenes.

I always thought that we would be getting them as flashbacks in later seasons.

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