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[No Spoilers] Episode 103 Discussion


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On 9/5/2022 at 1:20 PM, DMC said:

Sorry bout that, but yeah you're right.  Like you, I thought this was the strongest episode thus far.

It's not a book spoiler to say that was Laenor who came to the rescue at the end.  Certainly was confusing for non-book readers though..and even book-readers for that matter.  They had yet to establish he was a dragonrider - presumably for the surprise?

Thanks for clarifying. I thought he was borrowing Daemon's dragon. But I'll bet if i look back the color will be different. 

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I watched with a friend who had not seen GOT or read ASOIAF, or FAB. They really liked the dragons and said the special effects were spectacular. 

For those kinds of audiences, Laenor on the Dragon may not even be a surprise. They just know him as some dude on dragonback, without any context of why he should or should not be riding one. 

In stories with multiple first person narratives, fans always find a way to reorder the sequences... which is one of the things I enjoy about this community lol, its nice to imagine how these would work, and many of them are actually better than what the showrunners come up with. However, in this series, I like the random, unpredictable time-jumps, they let the story flow along very smoothly, and is a great choice for telling this kind of a story. 

Was not at all disappointed with Crabfeeder, it was better to show the end this way than a messy and possibly gratuitous one on one combat that you know Daemon is going to win. Like here the showrunners are clearly showing, we will not pander to every expectation. The audience is free to imagine the encounter, and I kind of really like that! 

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