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My Sport is Better Than Your Sport: the GOAT thread


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32 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

I don't think any sport has had such a proliferation of all time greats up against each other as wrestling did 1997-2002. 

You sir, are speaking my love language. Haven't watched wrestling live in ages outside of flipping through channels and stopping on something for a few minutes. But the Attitude Era was wild. How did The Hardy Boyz not die?

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2 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

@DMC totally agree, Michaels was the best in ring performer ever. Its apparent how so many of his peers, despite mainly hating him, give him his props for what he could do in the ring.

While obviously the born again thing isn't for me, his ability to admit he was an asshole - even during that hiatus where he admits he was still domineering and drugged out - is quite admirable to me.  Then to come back and do what he did for the next generation...

And it wasn't just "in-ring" talent per se.  I absolutely love his match with Hogan where he just oversold everything to show what an asshole Hogan was.  He was hilarious and finally found a way to be mature but still biting about it.  As Hall famously said, he's the only guy that could have a five star match with a ladder.  To circle this back to the thread, he found ways to entertain people through the combination of his athleticism and his own form of genius that just can't be matched among any other pro wrestler.

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22 hours ago, DMC said:

Meh, yes, LeBron lacks the relentless intensity Jordan does, but I don't think this is indicative of their overall defensive abilities.  Obviously, at a certain point, effort does make a difference even in such a comparison, but this seems like picking nits.

I’d even argue that Jordan’s relentless intensity on D is seriously overrated once Pippen emerged. He was more of a pick-your-moments defender after that, Pipp was the guy who did the bulk of the locking down the other top swing for most of most games. Earlier in his career and/or when he picked his moments, sure, he was fantastic…but very few guys (*cough Hakeem/~Duncan *cough) could actually be the full-time primary player at both ends for the bulk of their career. It just takes way too much out of you. 

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On 9/10/2022 at 10:06 PM, polishgenius said:


That's not really fair. Gymnasts perform more than one routine in a day during competition and if you asked me to nail down one single sport I'd least like to do because of the level of hardcore preparation required, it'd probably be that. Stamina isn't the only athletic quality. 

Gymnastics is probably the sport with highest bar for entry level. I mean, we can all go out on the court and play basketball, nowhere near world class level of course, but still play it. No dunks, but we could pretty much all hit a three pointer or play some defense etc. On the other hand, not sure many (if any) of us could even get to starting position on the rings.

That being said, gymnasts obviously do perform more than one routine, but routine is a minute or two long so I wouldn't really count that the same as a match in football, basketball etc.

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15 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

Wouldn't that be something involving the ponies or race cars? 

To be fair - at the pones, the bar is typically about 110cm (43") heigh, whilst in Gymnastics, even the low bar is 170cm (63"), whilst the heigh bar is 250 (98) and the Horizontal is 280 (109)...

Of course, I fully agree with you here when not being facetious

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