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Cersei and Tyrion mirroring each other


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I re-watched a scene in season 5 where Cersei tries a different approach with Margaery, who is enjoying her new position as Queen. 

Cersei is used to telling people what to do, often being very blunt and cold towards people. She felt no need to be polite. But in this scene she visits Margaery and is the unwanted party, no longer in control. I found it interesting that in this unfamiliar situation she takes a leaf out of Tyrion's book (Tyrion, ever the charmer, of course used to being unwanted). She tells Margaery that "she looks beautiful and that marriage agrees with her", very similar to Tyrion's entrance to King's Landing where he compliments Cersei on her beauty and that "war agrees with her." Cersei admires her Father and follows his example in most situations, but here she can't imagine what her Father would do here, so she turns to her brother's example. 

Tyrion attempts to mirror his sister (and his father) on a few occasions, but failed to reach the same level. He attempts to manipulate the small council with the marriage plot of Myrcella and whilst it works in the short term, eventually it comes back to him when Pycell is freed from the Black Cells. Cersei wouldn't have allowed this to happen. 

It seems they have both used each others tactics at different times in the show and it adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship. I think some of my favourite scenes are between Tyrion and Cersei in season 2, when they realise they can only turn to each other with their problems.

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