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Final fate of Harrenhal

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What do you think should be the fate of Harrenhal by the end of the saga ? Will the cursed behemothic caste stay in the same situation it had been for three centuries, with it staying in the same relative state and hosting various houses which all eventually die out, or should the castle be finally demolished after someone decide to end the curse story once and for all ?

Or could be the castle be destroyed by dragonfire somehow ? 

Could there be a smaller castle or town build upon the land where Harrenhal is right now as Littlefinger plans for now ? 

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Euron is the Harren of this age. The House of Hoare was unstoppable and ruled a substantial part of Westeros. None of the other houses could match him. Euron will do the same. Conquer the same lands. The dragons will come and give him and his a good roasting. The Tullys and the other families will end, like the Mudds. The Targaryen will raise her supporters to lordships to take their places. As for the castle, it will be burned. 

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