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Jon Snow used Dany to defeat the White Walkers.

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Seriously. Not sure my last post was deleted (perhaps the wrong forum).

But Jon learned his lesson with Ygrette. He did what he had to do to protect the North and fullfil the oath he took to defend against "all enemies foreign and domestic" - er, I mean protect "the realms of men".

He played hard to get, she fell for it, and he took advantage of it. She has dragons, ya know.

Thus the tragedy of RLJ. A sad song, but it needed to be sung.

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“Political Jon”, ie the theory that Jon simply tricked Dany into falling for him, in order to get her military aid, while planning to murder her once she had fulfilled her purpose, has always had a following.  Particularly, among those who think that his true love was always Sansa.

I don’t *think* that’s what D & D intended, although Seasons 7 and 8 were such a mess that it’s hard to say.

It also makes Jon out to be a sociopathic abuser.

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38 minutes ago, Back in Black-Snow said:

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've never really thought this before until my most recent re-watch. But that is the vibe I get after re-watchi g Season 7.

If it was Jon’s plan, it did not turn out well for him.  He was cast into the wilderness by his own family, and will be known to the world as a kinslayer, traitor, and oathbreaker.

Dany’s supporters will hate him for betraying her.  Dany’s enemies will hate him for leading an army that murdered and raped its way across Kings Landing.

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