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The Last of Us (HBO) Trailer: Show and game spoilers


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On 2/1/2023 at 3:07 PM, karaddin said:

His actions in the hospital are wrong from an objective point of view, but the subjective angle is much more nuanced. Lying to her about it later after he's already overridden her agency is pretty cut and dried for me, there's no excuse or justification for it and I really hope (and expect) that will remain.

I'd expect it will, given how that feeds into their relationship at the start of Part II

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Yanking this post from Kalbear in the other thread, but not sure if he's across game spoilers so dropping the mention from it:


Exactly. He had to betray a person horribly. He had to sell his soul to get Sam the drugs he needed. And it was all for nothing. Kids die. He couldn't live with not just having to end Sam, but all the things he had to do to get there.

I think when this happened in the game it stunned me enough to not really analyze it any further than that, but this makes me really how perfect it is as a set up for Joel's decision at the hospital. Having been worn down to caring about Ellie as another daughter he had lost too much getting her there to go on without her afterwards, so he does what he needs to do to avoid ending up in the same situation as Henry. The individual acts are different, but especially game Joel has killed so many people - his soul is well and truly sold, and we know he couldn't handle losing another daughter even before it all begins. No real point to this, just appreciating what an excellent job Henry and Sam does preparing for what's to come.

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