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[Poll] How would you rate episode 107?


How would you rate episode 107?   

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Good episode. I love how they're showing the intra-familial tensions, setting up for the future. And how Daemon's daughters are getting close with Rhaenyra's sons. Yes as someone mentioned the time lapses can get annoying/confusing - in original GoT you never got the sense that years of the plot had been skipped, so good to see that maybe that'll be less frequent.

On 10/3/2022 at 1:08 PM, Corvinus85 said:

The servant that Daemon attacked in the hallway.

Yes now I understand. The Laenor-consented-to-it is weird though as he seemed to be attached to his family (sister at least) and to knighthood, would you really throw everything away just to bone other men in far-off obscurity (when you are already boning them here in your current station)? Unwelcome plot development.

On 10/3/2022 at 7:21 AM, Ser Graymax said:


We get it.  Allicent is evil, wicked, mean and nasty, she is quite beautiful though, at least the actress is.  Rhaeneyra is a washed out old maid in comparison. JMHO.

To each his own - I prefer Rhaenyra's beauty to allicent's, and in the case of both actresses the casting matches their young versions extremely well, which is a credit to the casting bureau.

I think the entire season hinges on Daemon's (Matt Smith) performance, tbh sometimes I skip through the 10 minutes of childbirth soap-opera-ish scenes etc that House of the Dragon likes to focus on. I liked the framing of 'degenerate and melancholic but still has a good side' which was shown where they contrasted Daemon's decision to not cut the baby out of Laena to King Viserys' opposite decision at the start of the season.

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