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Who will be King of the Isles and the North when King Euron dies? (ADwD spoilers)

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If King Euron III Greyjoy dies, I believe the Ironborn will most likely declare Victarion Greyjoy as their King without a Kingsmoot, because he is the obvious choice. If the succession rules of most areas in the Seven Kingdoms would be followed, Theon Greyjoy would be king, but the Ironborn would certaily not pick him. First of all, the Ironborn follow their own "Old Way" and don't follow Crownlander traditions. Secondly, Theon spent most of his life at Winterfell and doesn't know the Ironborn culture and traditions well, making most Ironborn view him as not one of their own. Thirdly, they pick kings who are strong, fierce, and always victorious, while Theon is definitely neither, which is why when King Balon died, Theon wasn't considered by anyone to even be a possible candidate for monarch. Even if he has a big change in character, recruits an army, and takes the Iron Islands by force, Ironborn would mock him behind his back and many Ironborn nobles would constantly plot ways to kill him. Therefore, he would be the least likely Greyjoy to become king. Aeron Greyjoy, or Damphair, is well respected and loved amongst the Ironborn, but he doesn't want to be king and would support Victarion, or if he's dead, a well-respected and courageous noble or captain. The only scenarios where he could become king is if the Drowned God tells him to or he thinks all the other candidates are very unfit and takes up the role for his duty to the Ironborn. If Asha still held Deepwood Motte, it would most likely be hard to decide between Asha and Victarion as she is King Balon's daughter and a formidable warrior. However, she was defeated by Stannis I Baratheon and is still his captive, and also a woman, which the Ironborn believe are inferior to men. On the other hand, I believe it is more likely that Asha escapes King Stannis and either sails to Pyke after King Euron dies or kills him than Aeron decides to rule the Iron Islands and give up being a priest of the Drowned God. Therefore, in my opinion, this would be the order of likelihood the Greyjoys would become King/Queen of the Isles and the North after King Euron (even though it's more likely a renowned and respected Ironborn noble or captain would be chosen rather than Aeron or Theon):

  1. Victarion Greyjoy, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, master of the Iron Victory
  2. Asha Greyjoy, captain of the Black Wind and former conqueror of Deepwood Motte, m. Erik Ironmaker, captive of King Stannis I Baratheon
  3. Aeron Greyjoy, called Damphair, a priest of the Drowned God
  4. Theon Greyjoy, called by the northmen “Theon Turncloak”, captive of King Stannis I Baratheon
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Vic will be hard pressed to outlast Euron. Iron born have the Kingsmoot precedent now so there's no reason to assume a Greyjoy will follow Euron (if there are even any left after Euron).  What I wonder is if the Iron Born will be able to choose their own leader or if it will be someone imposed by the Iron Throne.

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