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[SPOILERS] Rings of Power: "I am Sauron" "I'm Sauron" "I'm Sauron!"

Ser Drewy

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4 hours ago, Cas Stark said:

I guess that ends the great mystery box debate.

I'd still like it if someone could define the term, or confirm that it's qctually just a newfangled longer way of saying "mystery."

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5 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

I think JJ Abrams did a Ted Talk about it years ago.

Yes I believe that was the origin of the term, I mentioned it a few pages back and how I just don't want to sit through it. :P

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29 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

Was Feanor evil?

This might help, it explains the backstory of the Silmarils and how that relates to what then happens to Celebrimbor because of the rings:

His connection to Fëanor, whose downfall was caused by his own arrogance and pride, only makes Celebrimbor’s eventual fate seem that much more tragic.


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Skimming through the episode, our worst fears have come to pass:


- Halbrand is indeed Sauron. He offers Galadriel to rule by his side

- Galadriel the bitch does not tell the others that, just that the should not trust "Halbrand"

- his seduction of Celebrimbor amounts to one 5 minute conversation. He returns to Mordor at the end of the episode

- Maglor and Maedhros are ommitted from Elrond's backstory

- Narya, Nenya and Vilya are  forged in this episode. They are three because "one will always corrupt, two will divide" . Galadriel suggest that after finding out who Halbrand really is.

- During that Elrond feels a disturbance in the force, goes to a river and finds some scroll there

- Meteor Man finally learns to speak. He and Nori go on an adventure together.


Fuck this show. They had an entire season to properly build up to this and they wasted it.

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I thought "well he's not Sauron then" as soon as they told him "you're Sauron" in the cold open, but I think that's obvious enough we weren't meant to buy it?

Don't love Galadriel's response to figuring it out, although if he'd still been around when she got pulled out of the river I suspect things would have gone differently. My biggest hope after getting Halbrand as Sauron was that his regret and remorse earlier in the season was sincere, but his immediate playing of Celebrimbor and then the look on his face at the end on returning to Mordor make it seem less like he ever tried to change. Of course if he genuinely tried to change and only went back to evil because Galadriel tried to help him then that makes the "don't help people because they'll turn out evil" message even worse.

Personally I don't give 2 shits about Gandalf showing up too early or about him already having a connection to proto-Hobbits, that doesn't bother me at all. I still don't like it just because its going to be yet another thing for lore purists to latch onto though so I was hoping he'd be a Blue Wizard and thought he was - especially after he sets off for the East. Right up until the "follow your nose".

Celebrimbor needing to be led to both the idea of using an alloy and the appropriate technique felt a little contrived, although at least this is one area that's improved by Halbrand being Sauron. Him having techniques that Celebrimbor doesn't think of seems more reasonable when its Sauron, not a random human. On the plus side I don't think Sauron being behind the corruption of the tree and them latching onto mithril still seems possible, in which case the connection to a silmaril might still be complete bollocks.

Overall I'm feeling more negative on this episode just for it locking in things I didn't want to happen. I'm surprised they zoomed through the forging of the rings in a single episode. Overall the season was OK. Much like my response has been to some other shows, I'm hoping they learnt a lot from this first season and tighten up the writing and some other elements after this. The Elrond/Durin parts remained by far the strongest for me and I hope we get more of that now the first season plots are out of the way.

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I stayed up late to watch this episode (I live in the absolute worst time zone for streaming premieres, although this wasn’t as bad as with Netflix). I’m very interested in reading everyone’s takes.


Two incredible performances this episode: Celebrimbor and Saurbrand. Sauron’s reveal would not have worked to the extent that it did if the performance wasn’t that strong. And that’s really saying something seeing as the actor is a) fairly young, and b) an unknown before this.

That said, I didn’t like how Galadriel didn’t seem to experience any real temptation when Saurbrand tried to recruit her, or that she didn’t experience any sort of grief over a betrayal of that magnitude. The show was hinting pretty strongly at growing romantic tension between them all season. Galadriel should have felt a great deal of emotion in response to learning that the man she’d been falling for was her worst enemy.

I like the idea of Saurbrand having never directly lied to Galadriel, but the show seemed torn between whether he was repentant or scheming, and that is a bit unsatisfying. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Rey and Kylo in TLJ during the reveal scene, but at least they didn’t make Saurbrand too incel-y.

On a technical level, the cinematography for the locations were beautiful, but it ended up working against them for the actors. You could see just how much make-up was caked on the elves. I also really disliked the extreme close-ups of Galadriel and Saurbrand during the raft scene. It was very awkward and film school-esque.

So Galadriel isn’t telling anyone that Sauron has been unleashed on the world again? Guess she hasn’t learned anything yet.

Gandalf looked like Paul Bettany in the Unabomber miniseries. Why couldn’t he heal Lenny Henry?

Lastly, #hotsauron is definitely going to be a thing now, right?


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