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[Spoilers] Episode 109 Discussion


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This episode brought to you by Quentin Tarantino. ;)

I don't think this episode was better than 8. Who was it that was singing praises for it?

I would like to be mad about how the episode ended, because yet again another strong episode had a ridiculous ending, but out of all the people in the show who would have truly stayed their hand and not roast everyone, Rhaenys would be that, especially after her convo with Alicent. And it was definitely an interesting choice to have Rhaenys caught at the Red Keep when Viserys died.

I was greatly confused about Otto and Alicent sending their own searchers for Aegon and being at odds to the point that Cole and Arryk? fought a duel. Luckily Alicent revealed the reason later. You could say that the episode was written to show some of the greens, namely Alicent, but also Aemond and Aegon somewhat to be in a better light. And for that, a conflict was needed with Otto. Plus they didn't do the rotting of Viserys's corpse plot, again to improve Alicent's image. This episode was written for you @butterweedstrover :P

Why wasn't Harold Westerling seized and imprisoned? Him and Erryk? will likely make their way to Dragonstone with Viserys's crown.

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1 minute ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

Rhaenys could have prevented a civil war with one word… wow.  I understand not wanting to murder… but damn.

That's very in keeping with the themes of ASOIAF, where showing mercy to your enemies always leads to the recipients doing horrible things to you later.

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18 minutes ago, Chad Vader said:

The Cargyll twins story is shaping up very nicely. Wasnt a fan of Rhaenys and Meleys at the end. Didnt make much sense to me. She killed lots of smallfolk and when she had the Greens cowering she has her dragon yell at them.

Yes, Rhaenys having all the Greens at her mercy and knowing their treachery, it doesn’t make much sense that she leaves them alive (especially since she had no qualms killing all those plebs). Are they going to show her regretting that decision. Condal (in Inside the Ep) calls it a complex choice, one that viewers may not agree with. He got that right. Viewers won’t agree with it coz it doesn’t make much sense. He also says Rhaenys’ sympathy for the mother in Alicent, stays her hand or her rather her dragon. But that doesn’t make sense either. She’s wise enough to know that her decision not to toast them will lead to civil war and many mothers losing their kids.

And why is she in all armor. Is that how she left her room?

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Was anyone else yelling Dracarys? How easily war could have been ended right then and there…though I do appreciate the badassness of Rhaenys 

God, I hope someone smashes Criston Cole’s head with something. He has gone from sexy to tedious so quickly.

And I am tIred of the Aegon vice story. 

I do enjoy the Alicent-Otto tension and the Aegon-Aemond rivalry. 

Also liked Mysaria the child advocate.

Somehow, I didn’t feel the the suspense in this episode. Will be interesting to see how non book readers reacted. The council meeting that resulted in the death of Lord Beesbury should have gone on longer and had more debate. Instead tHey invested time in the search for Aegon.


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2 minutes ago, miyuki said:

Rhaenys goes through the trouble of busting through the Dragonpit's floor, kills dozens if not hundreds of smallfolk, does so just as a show of force and doesn't just roast the whole family right then and there. 

I think it might possibly have been her intention to do so. Perhaps she decided to back down at the last minute, a decision she may come to regret!

I loved the twist personally though :)

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5 minutes ago, Colonel Green said:

That's very in keeping with the themes of ASOIAF, where showing mercy to your enemies always leads to the recipients doing horrible things to you later.

I see your point… heck she could have just had the dragon snatch Aegon and Aemond then fly them all to Dragonstone… she didn’t have to kill them.

Better yet just snatch or kill Aemond.  Without Vhagar the Greens would be hugely weakened.

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