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[Spoilers] Episode 110 Discussion


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I'm glad they mentioned Cregan is closer to Jace's age I was afraid they'd age him up for a more Ned Stark type (or God forbid Henry Cavill). Will be interesting to see Winterfell next season. Hopefully Jace comes more into his own he's been a bit of a nerd so far lol.

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2 hours ago, Fool Stands On Giant’s Toe said:

I didn’t know that was a Marbrand.

Yeah, it's an interesting bit that isn't explored in the books. Perhaps next season we'll see how he deals with the fact that his house is sworn to the Lannisters.

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6 hours ago, Ingelheim said:

I think he was chasing Luke just for fun, but he also wanted his eye for real. He probably thought Luke would stop and ask for forgiveness or something like that, and then he would take his eye and leave.

There's still 3 or 4 times in which Vhagar actually attacks them and he didn't seem to care much. So it feels a little bit off.

On the other hand, I like that Arrax, despite being a baby, attacks Vhagar. It's an example of how fearless dragons are. And I can understand Vhagar being like: you f*cked up

I really think Arrax fired out of fear and thenn fleed as fast as he could to an area (above the clouds where the winds wouldn't be as strong) that he felt was safer. Bad idea because then he was just out in the open, but no human nor animal think clearly when thy're freaked out.

6 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said:

Are we assuming he didn't want to kill him?

Because, he was chasing him down.

What did people think he thought would happen? That he'd pull over and surrender?

No, he meant to kill him and the dragon knew it.

I think he was amazed at his own handiwork.

No, I think he just wanted to scare the hell out of Luke. And succeedeed to the point Arrax freaked out  and lash out first.

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9 hours ago, butterweedstrover said:

Rhaenyra reminds me of uncle Tom or Jesus of Nazareth. 

She is so pure of heart that when her tormentors are near to destroying her she prays that god will forgive them. 

In the book she was screaming over the news of Aegon's ascension, in the show she is screaming over her child birth. She doesn't show anger but grief. She is reluctant to go to war and seriously considers giving in to these psychopaths. She does not sully the name of Alicent or anyone, reluctant to shed any blood, even against Otto. 

Her crowning is the most majestic thing ever stripped from a disney film, with the gold crown of her father a fitting contrast to that of the evil black upon Aegon's head. Oh, and that table scene. It was like an avengers unit with all the good guys (Tullys, Starks, Valeyrons, etc.) coming together against the Brackens and those god damn Lannisters. 

Oh look at how the bad guys and good guys all team up with no variation or anything, I guess we have to shut off our brains and love this shit. I guess they were going for some parallels between Alicent's reluctance and Rhaenyra's. But that is incredibly stupid because... 

Alicent has no reason to want the throne and endanger her best friend, and more specifically she is never reluctant about naming her rapist son as king, only about making a peace offering where she tells Rhaenyra "sorry, but your shit is mine, deal with it and I won't have you burned alive." Ahh, so nuanced. 

Meanwhile Rhaenyra has no reason to not take the throne and no reason to negotiate with these criminal psychopaths who literally hid the death of her father. Come to think of it, Rhaenyra is kind of like Satan. I mean they want us to love this pure, calm, and rational queen but think about it for a second. 

Her childhood best friend spends a decade trying to destroy her and she does not react. She offers olive branches to this traitorous meanie. Rhaenyra show zero passion or emotion or connection to this 'friend' by not shedding a single ounce of energy to show herself being disturbed, angered, or otherwise distraught. 

Then, this schizophrenic (Alicent) comes and tells her she will be queen and apologizes to Rhaenyra (because Alicent has no clue how to align being a dutiful wife with betraying her best friend since the entire premise of this undeveloped hatred comes from the fact that Rhaenyra was not a dutiful wife) and Rhaenyra without a second thought forgives her. 

Does she have any heart at all? She comes to learn after this Alicent has stolen her throne and feels sad then thinks to give it all up. I mean these two share zero emotions for one another if they are not even slightly affected by each others offenses. But whatever, this is what the show is. 

I don't get how people here seriously argue Rhaenyra has moral flaws in terms of the narrative (she doesn't) or how Alicent is a nuanced character reluctant to betray her best friend (she isn't, she is certifiably insane and dedicated to seeing Rhaenyra die regardless of what she says because her thoughts are unrelated to her emotions). I don't get how people say "but Aemond's" cool in defense of the Greens. 

Aemond and Aegon are psychopaths while Jacerys and Lucerys are saints who turn the other cheek. They are in no way comparable and the only time Daemon is given any moral punishment is when he goes against his own queen. There are no consequences for killed Vaemond, instead Corlys comes up to the Queens and worships the hero of this story. 

It's not a complex nuanced tale like Martin advertised. It is a black and white story of saints versus the most despicable psychopaths on earth. This episode was just a montage of noble and great characters bowing their head to Rhaenyra as epic music swells and Rhaenyra behaves with an excess of grace and dignity. She can't even bring herself to call Alicent a 'bitch' or something in private. She can't sully her name or purity, she is perfect. 

This is a shallow uninteresting framing to a duel narrative meant to be complex and multifaceted. Otto is not a multifaceted character, he is an idiot who kills a bunch of nobles without having any preexisting support that would guarantee his family won't be slaughtered. He is not a calculated player, just a low-life villain. 

The Green episode was just a series of degenerate trash like Larys, Cole, Otto, Aemond, Aegon, and Alicent acting like degenerate trash whilst snipping at each-other like rats over a piece of stolen pie whereas this episode was just heroic bull shit. 

It's garbage, and the people who keep say "NO! But Alicent is nuanced! And Aemond is cool! And Rhaenyra has flaws or Daemon proves the Blacks aren't generic heroes" need to get over themselves. This is a show that wants to frame itself as morally ambiguous but doesn't have the guts to do it leaving a paltry cast of characters with zero motivating factors disguised by great production and acting. 

It's awful, it's pathetic, and people need to stop coming up with excuses for it. 

Then I won't start coming up with arguments. Clearly, it's wasted energy. 

But really, if the show makes you feel so negative about it, you should just stop watching it.

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4 hours ago, jjcha314 said:

On that weird Daemon-Vermithor scene, what are we supposed to take away from that? 

What do you take from that?

What I take from it is that it's probably a hint towards him being able to skinchange dragons. It'd be a huge spoiler for the actual series so I don't think they'd fully commit to it beyond doubt. His (and Rhaenyra's over Syrax) control over Ceraxes is straight telepathic but that can just be TV contrivance, but his eye literally taking the shape of the dragon eye is pretty fucking out there. As you ask, wtf is the point of that?

But I want to know what everyone else thinks of it because I've been banging the drums on this theory (or adjacent) for a long time so it can be a case of seeing what you want to see.

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Emma has given a great performance, but based on what I’ve seen, many people are still sour about losing Milly. Emma plays Rhaenyra as much more subdued than Milly did, and it just isn’t connecting with many people in the same way. I’d say adult Rhaenyra is the most overlooked main character, as strange as that might sound.

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3 hours ago, The hairy bear said:

Only if you go with the most egregious versions of the rumors provided by the different sources. And again, most of our sources are biased against him to begin with.

What are the evil deeds that we are sure that Daemon committed? Whoring and gambling? Making an tasteless joke about her nephew's death? Slaying Laena's bethroted in a duel?

The show's version of Daemon is not someone that would be described as "made of light and darkness in equal parts." Is not someone that Laena Velaryon or anyone else would have been happily married with. They have invented new evil deeds for him (such as killing Rhea) and have cut anything that could have made him look good

I agree. Maybe I'm biased because I like Daemon, but this is something I didn't like in the show.


I think impetuous, ill-tempered and moody would have been more interesting that outright psycho.

This is how I saw him in this episode though. I don't know why so many people were complaining about "ruining" him. People do not react all in the same way when bad things happen. I didn't see him as "evil". People often abuse that word.

I thought he was angry, impetuous and ill-tempered. But, above all, I thought he was grieving also. And I can totally relate with the way he does that because I'm similar in that aspect. I don't like to speak about it, I do not console and I tend to withdraw and be alone.

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8 hours ago, Ingelheim said:

There's been a massive meltdown of DxR fangirls on Instagram and Twitter and Tik Tok since Friday. Like for real. They've been insulting Ryan and Sara Hess the whole weekend.


8 hours ago, zajaz said:

A few things I will say:

Whitewashing is a helluva drug.

Some Black stans are salty as hell because (Show) Greens are not puppy-kicking villains.

DaemonxRhaenyra stans in shambles during the choking scene.

According to some people, you can’t be angry with some of the changes the show has made because F&B was written by unreliable sources.

TV show fans =/= book fans. 

I think most people here are book fans and the above kind of thing just doesnt happen here(from what I have seen)

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It was a very good season of TV. Much better than I thought it would be, they've some good writing talent.

I'd rather the fire breathing dragon queen from the book though than this soft imposter Rhaenyra. And it was completely humorless with everyone dead serious all time, but thankfully it found some tenderness and heart along the way.

They failed to convey a sense of the smallfolk, how they're doing and how they feel about anything besides that one time (episode 4?). That shit is important, it's why it's in the text, although honestly I can't remember if there was much of it through the pages this season covered.

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Brilliant finale to a fantastic season 1 of Hot D. Can't wait for season 2! Can't believe it will take 2yrs!

Aemond not actively wanting to kill Luke but having to live with the consequences of his actions will do wonders for his characterisation. 

Daemon being continues to be a c*nt and I love him for it.

As has been mentioned, storm's end and shipbreaker's Bay looked glorious. Can't wait for more locations to be shown.

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38 minutes ago, GeorgeIAF said:

concern that the mass audicence wont be so interested


Almost every successful show in the last 15 years has been nothing more than a regurgitation of Asoiaf. Every writer and producer working in the entertainment industry is beyond influenced by GRRM and his accomplishments. From Happy and Rick and Morty to…anything worth mentioning.

Shocking that they would even pretend just to placate social media. Broad Casting indeed…the games we play at…the masquerade we dance at…the songs we must sing. Bah-humbug!

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1 hour ago, sifth said:

So are they trying to white wash Aemond, by having it be his dragons fault for killing Luke?

I don't think so. After all, he went chasing Luke with a bigazz Dragon. Idk wth he thought it was going to happen. It's one thing wanting to challenge him on the ground, but with a Dragon? You're asking for trouble.

I like the way they did it. It felt like we had 4 different characters in that scene. I like the fact that they showed that you cannot fully control a Dragon. They have their own mind, despite the bonding. And they might react the way you do not intend to when they get angry, or sense that you are angry. 

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