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Will there be any satire in episode 10?

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It is the last episode and this has been a season of no jokes. No jokes, no irony, not situational comedy, nothing. 9 hours straight of serious conversation ranging from tones of desperation, to grief, and to neutral tones of diplomacy and politics. 

But not one line that resonated on a comedic level or added levity to the substance. There was Cole's line about unhorsing Daemon but that was more of a diss played off in a very limited fashion. What else, what else... 

That leaves episode 10. What are the chances, from a scale of 1-10 there will be something tuck in there?  

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10 hours ago, Ran said:

There was a scene from a bawdy mummer's play as well in 4.

In world humor meant to serve as political exposition. I don't think it very much counts because modern audiences do not find medieval humor that clever or funny and the substance was meant more so to offend Rhaenyra than added levity to the plot. 

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As a surprise to all viewers, episode 10 will finally introduce Mushroom, who will break the 4th wall, directly addressing the audience, and summarise the entire season for us. Except he’ll tell us what really happened, bawdy jokes and situational comedy and all. He’ll fart feathers, of course.

It’ll be told in flashbacks, but each core scene we’ve already seen will have a Benny Hill-show like soundtrack and there’ll be a funny twist to it. For instance, we’ll see that Ser Criston Cole and Joffrey Lonmouth actually mudwrestled at the feast. With a pig. To everybody’s delight. As an entertaining intermezzo. Praise all around, Lonmouth goes on to travel the Reach as a famous juggler, called the Juggling Knight, beloved by the smallfolk. An affair with Mushroom’s sister is hinted at, wink-wink.

Each of these side-splittingly funny – nay! hilarious – reimaginings will dissolve the various plot or character inconsistencies that we’ve been fretting about.

It’ll end in a big showstopper a la Chorus Line, with black and greens dancing in complicated choreography. Oh yes, Alicent can can-can to the Clubfoot’s delight. Emma d’Arcy finally gets to wear a fatsuit and rocks the house like Monica Geller. House Valeryons performs synchronised swimming.

Culminating in spectacular Dragon fireworks, and Mushroom saying “that’s all folks” wearing a “I heart Tyrion” t-shirt.


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