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Glasgow 2024 (Worldcon)

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Worldcon24 are running a ‘library’ on Youtube of readings of books written by Scottish indie authors.

One of the Worldcon people kindly narrated some of my Victorian Glasgow urban fantasy, Resurrection Men, and posted it today. The channel has other works, and will be added to.

Edit: just realised thats just the video, with no link to the youtube channel.

see below


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We have memberships (attending, I'm pretty sure) for this and Eurocon in Rotterdam the following week. We've offered to volunteer at each but no one has reached out yet asking for our time in either case. I'm sure we'll pick up something to do before the con though, but BWB gatherings are always top of the priority list. :)

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I think I bought a membership way back, I just started discussing accom options with a group of close (nonBWB) friends - looking at AirBnB as a more cost effective way for four of us to attend.

Also starting to build the list of good places to eat in the old home town, of which there are many more than when I used to live there. 

My last worldcon was I think LonCon in 2013.

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On 8/3/2023 at 8:21 AM, Filippa Eilhart said:

share the list :D

First two on the list, from a trip last year


Paesano Pizza

Folk rave about Crabshakk, but I was underwhelmed

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A few Glasgow eateries I liked, from the last Glasgow Worldcon:

Gamba -- One of the best seafood restaurants anywhere, with a superb wine list..

Mr. Singh's India was where we held a BWB dinner. 

Over 800 different single malts available here, plus other alcohol, cask ales, and great meat pies.

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