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Possible Stark Connections

Corvo the Crow

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What are some possible Stark connections to events, locations, other houses etc?

I'll start with one example. House Crane:

- Their founder is Rose of Red Lake, the Rose(blue winter rose) is a symbol used in association with some Stark women(Lyanna and Brandon the daughterless' daughter) and Rose is a sister to Brandon of the Bloody Blade.

- Red lake was where Brandon of the Bloody Blade killed all those CotF and got both his name and caused the Blue Lake's name change.

- Cranes are long legged birds, Starks are notably long legged with Alys Karstark, Benjen, Lyanna and Jon all being given descriptions of being lean and long legged. 

- Female members of House Crane are told to be skinchangers. 


What are some Others you can think of?


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