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Star Wars - Andor Spoilers (And Scot's Old Ass TV)


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51 minutes ago, Rhom said:

I’m just genuinely curious what about this show can be criticized.  I mean, I know LV has spent pages and pages doing it here… but I’ll be honest, I stopped reading them in full several pages back.  So unless you’re the kind of Star Wars fan who likes slow mo speeder chases in the streets of Tatooine and back flipping Jedis in every scene; I don’t understand what there is to nitpick here.

I get the sense that you're gatekeeping in your complaint about gatekeeping.

If I have one complaint about Andor, it's that people who love it far too commonly use it to suggest that all Star Wars should be like it. That wouldn't be a good thing. I want Star Wars that caters for all tastes.

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