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Twitter… what happens next

Ser Scot A Ellison

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Kind of important to keep in mind re the leaving of twit and his twitter -- it's not only users who left, who are leaving.  Even employees who weren't fired are leaving.

‘Economic Picture Ahead Is Dire,’ Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees
In his first communications with Twitter’s staff, the company’s new owner painted a bleak picture as more employees resigned.



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57 minutes ago, Larry of the Lake said:

I don't think people are actually leaving.  And advertises leaving is not the same as users leaving.

Of course the purchase is a failure- Musk tried to stop it in court.  That's part of what makes it all so fucking funny.  


I'm not sure why you would actually leave, if you like Twitter. It's completely free to wait around. It's also free to step away from it for 2 years, ignore all news about it that doesn't leap into your face, then look around.

Now, there is a moral decision on if you put a single cent into paying Musk. I would be loathe to do that. Especially after Musk's recent call for people to vote Republican before the election. I'm not a Twitter user though, so I'm glad I don't have to make that decision.

It's quite possible though Musk eventually leaves his new toy and the Twitter brand survives, somewhat busted up.

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22 minutes ago, Martell Spy said:

It's quite possible though Musk eventually leaves his new toy and the Twitter brand survives, somewhat busted up.


I doubt Twitter survives as it is while owned by Musk. They just aren't gonna earn advertiser trust back while he's in any way involved, and no matter what he does, they need that money. Whether he can hold on to it for long is another question, given that he took loans out to buy it. Whether anyone collecting on those loans finds it worth it to keep it running is yet another. 

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The thing is, that unlike most hostile take-overs, there is little to nothing of twit to sell off.  It's only asset is YOU.

Ultimately, this is true of all and every social media and social media adjacent services and forums.



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I'm not sure it works like that anyway. An employer can't just announce that their employees are now personally responsible for regulatory compliance and that's it. I strongly doubt regulators and courts are going to say 'yep, the corporate entity just has no more liability or responsibilities, sure does suck that they fired the entire compliance department but that's a legit way to avoid responsibility'. Even if we read it as a purely internal responsibility, no court is going to support dumping legal responsibilities on staff whose job it emphatically isn't, without consent, without training, without notice, as a reasonable thing for an employer to do.

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8 minutes ago, mormont said:

Even if we read it as a purely internal responsibility, no court is going to support dumping legal responsibilities on staff whose job it emphatically isn't, without consent, without training, without notice, as a reasonable thing for an employer to do.

Someone did mention that in the replies, but while good for the employees it doesn't make the situation any better as far as the stability and future prospects of twitter goes.

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Shows musky like his buddy, has no idea what laws are, legality, etc.  They are for others. Trump tried to do stuff like this all the time AS POTUS!!!!!!  No matter how often it was explained to him that it was illegal, unconstitutional, a crime, there was no procedure to even do so -- yet, he persisted, right down to this very moment to commit a coup.

That's who They are.

ETA: Just now:


Twitter privacy executives quit, sparking FTC alarm
In a rare comment, the FTC said it was monitoring developments ‘with concern’

Anyone with any care for their info should shut down their accounts NOW and erase everything that can be erased.  Now that I think of it: is there anyway to remove one's personal info when one leaves a place behind?



SAN FRANCISCO — Several top privacy and security executives resigned from Twitter on Thursday, citing fears over the risks from Elon Musk’s leadership in a stunning exodus that prompted federal regulators to warn they might step in.

Chief Information Security Officer Lea Kissner tweeted that they had made the “hard decision” to resign, and the company’s chief privacy officer and chief compliance officer also quit, according to screenshots of an employee’s internal Slack message shared with The Washington Post.

One current Twitter employee said several other members of the site’s privacy and security unit also had resigned, while another said those remaining were trying to stop a wave of abuse in the company’s expanded paid service, Twitter Blue.

The departures prompted a rare warning from the Federal Trade Commission, which has emerged as the government’s top Silicon Valley watchdog. It marked the second time in two days that a federal official has expressed concern about the chaotic developments at the company, coming less than 24 hours after President Biden said Musk’s relationships with other countries deserved scrutiny. ....



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I don’t know about US or other employees but Twitter, I’m told, has hundreds of employees in the UK. Those, I know about. And they have a pretty good case for constructive dismissal right now, which could net them a substantial goodbye from Musk. 

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It's different, viewed from Elsewhere than NA and Europe.  Which again shows what can /does  happen when tech is So Big.

‘It’s given a voice to many’: chaos at Twitter sparks real fears for free speech in south-east Asia
Social media has been crucial to pro-democracy protests across the region, from Myanmar to the Milk Tea Alliance in Thailand and Hong Kon




... “It’s given a voice to many people who have been voiceless. Many used a pen name, so they feel much more comfortable,” Pravit says. “Over the past three or four years, Twitter has been the outlet driving the agenda.”

Pravit and other journalists and activists across south-east Asia fear that could soon change. Since buying the site last month, mercurial tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has slashed about half the company’s staff, proposed an $8-per-month payment system to gain a verified account and raised alarms about the proliferation of disinformation and hate speech.

The site’s future has sparked a unique conversation in parts of Asia, where criticising governments or royal figures can lead to long jail sentences and activists have few public places to speak out anonymously.

“Things that activists rely on for communication through social media, like community moderation, safety and so on, are often dependent on a few people running the site,” said a young Singaporean activist who asked to remain anonymous and uses Twitter to quickly gather and share information difficult to find elsewhere. “The whole site can change on their whim.”

Chief concerns include whether Twitter will make users de-anonymise their accounts and how it will deal with requests from authoritarian regimes to hand over user information, as well as government-linked disinformation campaigns.

Kirsten Han, a Singapore activist who tweets out anti-death penalty content and promotes a newsletter covering taboo topics to nearly 30,000 followers, wrote in a recent thread that loosening moderation could not only further the spread of disinformation but also give “governments an excuse to justify passing more laws, implement more regulations, and generally give themselves more power to further regulate and clamp down on online expression”. ....



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Musk linked to the Spaces he had held with Roth and Wheeler, and ended with a bombshell: every remaining Twitter employee was expected to return to their offices to work beginning Thursday. (“Obviously, if you are physically unable to travel to an office or have a critical personal obligation, then your absence is understandable,” he added.)

Over the next few hours, Twitter employees began to wake up to the news. It had been paired with another change, announced elsewhere, in the company’s 2023 benefits package: the same day Twitter told employees to return to the office after telling them last year they could work remotely forever, Twitter ended its practice of giving a commuter subsidy to employees outside of California.

“What is the guidance for tweeps with children and other dependents who need to arrange childcare etc?” one employee asked in a Slack channel. “These are not arrangements that can realistically be changed at a moment’s notice, for example enrolling in daycare, hiring nannies, arranging managed care facilities, etc. This new policy seems designed to penalize parents, guardians, and other caregivers who may have designed their whole lives around full or partial remote work.”

No guidance was forthcoming, though.

Seems like a 'smooth transition'

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15 hours ago, Larry of the Lake said:

Also, (not directed at you) Twitter was never some paragon of tasteful moderation.  Holocaust denial or outright racism were often ignored even when reported.  There have been accounts with approximated n-bombs in their @'s.  Basically, explicitly threatening violence was the only thing guaranteed to get you banned.  

 it should be said it’s reasonably to say Elon won’t Twitter a Nazi hellscape.

It was already one. The mods only took action when a use’s bigotry or calls to violence was so extremely prominent to the point it couldn’t be ignored.

I do think Musk’s threshold would be much higher.

Like if Jordan Peterson wakes up from a coma or whatever and misgender s and deadname’s Elliot page, I think Elon wouldn’t suspend Peterson over the blatant transphobia.

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